CBD Chocolate Recipes for Every Chocolate Lover

Are you a chocolate lover? Perhaps you just want a treat after meals. Fret not, CBD chocolates are here to satisfy that sweet tooth. With the rise in popularity of hemp products, it’s no wonder many new trends are emerging.

Whereas before, CBD mostly came in pill or tincture form, now you can take your daily dose in a more fun way.

Among CBD coffee, jams, desserts, and gummy candies, the chocolate bar stands out by bringing in not just a tickle to your taste buds but health benefits as well. The best part? CBD chocolate is absolutely delicious.

If you find nose wrinkling at the earthy aftertaste of hemp, this product is perfect for you. It is only an addition to the growing list of CBD food and beverages already circulating the market.

You can pop in a small piece even after taking hemp oil capsules.

There is no danger of overdosing on these goodies either. Read on for more on CBD chocolates and what it can offer.

What is CBD Chocolate Good for?

Much like CBD in its raw form, CBD chocolates pack a good deal of health benefits. Cannabis in general is rich in compounds namely, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

These are antioxidants that are potent enough to have a positive impact on the human body.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most active cannabinoids in hemp plants. It has become popular because of its supposed therapeutic benefits.

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These may include pain relief from muscle and joint aches, a reprieve from inflammation of injuries, and even helping with better sleep quality.

Combined with chocolates that also have their own antioxidant properties, this treat is a nutritional powerhouse. Some reported benefits of cocoa and chocolate include improving heart health and lowering cholesterol.

Even if you don’t suffer from any pre-existing medical conditions, CBD could still be good for you. It generally gives the body a great boost in energy and overall mood.

You can take CBD chocolate bars at any time of the day too, whenever you feel like it.


What are the Effects of CBD Chocolate?

In a study on the effects of CBD in the human body, experts found that the compound works with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors.

These tiny receptors are located everywhere in the body. Most especially in vital parts such as the central nervous, digestive, and respiratory systems.

So what does CBD do for the body exactly? For one, if you are in pain due to an inflamed injury or muscles and joints, any hemp-derived product could help. CBD has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

What are the Effects of CBD Chocolate

Experts believe that its molecular structure is identical to that of over-the-counter NSAIDs sold in pharmaceuticals.

CBD also helps the body react more positively to happy hormones such as serotonin via the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The stimulation of CB1 and CB2 receptors helps with hormone production and the body’s overall reaction to it.

Now, when CBD is partnered with chocolate, you may think that these health benefits are somewhat diluted. While the flavor of cocoa can coat CBD’s natural taste, it does not at all reduce its effectiveness on the body.

In fact, CBD dark chocolate bars could even be more packed with nutrients that could benefit you. Since dark cocoa is known for its bitter taste, some are not a big fan. That’s fine!

If you like milk chocolate, you should go for it. Though, fair warning, it contains more fat and sugar.

Where to Buy CBD Chocolate

Now that you know what CBD chocolate is, you’re for sure curious where to get some. Blosum’s CBD oil products are widely available now that industrial hemp is legal on the federal level.

Many states throughout the country have adapted to the new guidelines on hemp products.

There are plenty of shops that cater to all kinds of hemp oil goodies. CBD living is even more accessible as grocery stores, wellness spas, hemp dispensaries, and even well-stocked gas stations cater to all things cannabidiol.

CBD edibles such as chocolates can be found in many of these places. Before purchasing anything, be sure that the company is licensed and legit. Look for lab testing certifications and read reviews from other customers.

E-commerce is also a good option. Online shopping is easy and convenient, especially if you live in the city. Even better, just make your own CBD chocolate!

It’s an easy, no-sweat DIY recipe that you can do in the comforts of your own home.


How to Make CBD Chocolate

There are many easy ways of making CBD chocolate. The quickest is to simply buy ready-made products such as CBD oil and chocolate bars from the store and combine them together. It requires a minimal amount of cooking skills.

All you need is a glass bowl, a saucepan, a stove, and a chocolate mold or anything similar for your final product to take shape.

If the CBD comes in tincture form, all the better. Set it aside for now and start with the chocolates.

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Melting the chocolates via a saucepan will take a bit more effort than simply popping it in the microwave. It will taste better though and you can sift through the chunks to ensure the melted product is smooth all the way.

Pour water into the pan halfway full and heat until simmering.

Next, place the chocolate in the glass bowl. Be sure to break it off into smaller pieces for faster melting. Put the bowl in the middle of the saucepan and let the heat from the water slowly melt the chocolate.

This method will prevent your chocolate from burning or sticking to the pot itself.

Up next is the high-quality hemp oil you put side earlier. Since it is in tincture form, it will be much easier to combine it with the melted chocolate.

Simply place in a generous amount using the dropper and mix it gently. Fold using a spatula until thoroughly mixed together.

Pour the mixture into molds carefully without overfilling it. Gently remove air bubbles by dropping the mold gently on the counter a few times to settle the CBD chocolate. Set aside in the refrigerator to cool and enjoy responsibly.


CBD Chocolate Recipe

Before trying out different CBD chocolate recipes, be sure first that you are well aware of the products you are using.

Hemp extract can be full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate. The difference lies in the cannabinoids present.

Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum contain a wide range of cannabinoids. The former includes a low dose of THC while the latter is completely THC-free. CBD isolates, on the other hand, is pure and potent CBD.

CBD Chocolate Recipe

You can whichever you like, of course. Personal preference comes into play when choosing hemp oil and even its dosing. Some products pack a powerful 25 mg CBD per serving.

If you’re making your own edibles like chocolate, you can measure how much CBD per bar is good enough.

As for recipes, the sky is basically your limit. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, add some walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and other healthy nuts into the mix.

Blending in sea salt, crushed candies, peanut butter, or anything else you can think of is also a great idea. Replace certain ingredients if you want gluten-free and non-GMO treats.


How to Store CBD Chocolate

Now that you know how to make your own CBD chocolate, you want it to last for a while. This entails making sure it remains fresh and edible even after a few days or even weeks. The best way to do this is to refrigerate the sweets.

After removing them from the molds, grab an airtight container, and put the chocolates inside. You can either leave them to chill or freeze them.

Freezing them could extend their freshness longer. But this would require you to take them out a few minutes before planning to eat unless you’re okay with iced-over CBD chocolates.

To keep track of time, write the date of when you made the treats.


Whether you’re buying or cooking up your own CBD chocolate, its health benefits remain. While it is not a very common edible, it is delicious and healthy. Of course, you still have to eat it in moderation just like everything else.

In particular, this yummy dessert is a powerhouse of a snack. You can take it at any time of the day.

Right before breakfast, or include it in your oatmeal and cereal, for a boost in energy. In the middle of the day when you’re feeling a bit anxious or stressed out, whenever and wherever you can enjoy them.

Keep taking them daily and consistently to achieve desired results.


Learn More About CBD Chocolate

  • How to make my own CBD chocolate at home?

There are plenty of ways to cook up your own CBD chocolate. The easiest is to grab store-bought chocolates, melt them in a pan, mix with CBD oil, then set to harden again.

You can even microwave the chocolates to melt them if you don’t have a stove.

  • Where can you buy chocolate with CBD oil?

There are many reputable brands selling CBD edibles. These include CBD-infused chocolate bars. A quick search for CBD chocolate near me will lead you to these shops and online sellers.

Be sure to check if the company is legit and licensed before purchasing anything.

  • How much CBD chocolate to take for pain?

There is no set dosage for CBD. The dosing will vary according to body mass, bioavailability of the product, and what kind of hemp oil was used.

If it is your first time, take it easy and start off with small pieces of the sweet treat.

Consult a physician to find the right dosage for you.

  • How long does it take for CBD chocolate morsels to work?

The bioavailability or ability of a substance to be absorbed into the bloodstream will tell the amount of time it will take before it works on the body.

CBD chocolate will go through the digestive system first so it might take a few minutes up to an hour or two.

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