CBD Cream vs CBD Salve

CBD Cream vs CBD Salve

CBD Cream vs CBD Salve

Hemp products have become the most coveted items in the world of health and wellness. The newest products include topical salve and cream. But between the two, which is better in the CBD cream vs CBD salve dilemma?

There is a growing market for lotions, creams, and salves that contain CBD. As CBD topicals grow in popularity, the debate between CBD cream vs CBD salve grows stronger. We’re here to give you a nitty-gritty rundown of these two topicals, so you can decide which topical product you prefer.

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What are CBD Topicals

It seems that the cannabis substance is found in nearly everything. Now, everybody’s favorite ingredient can be found in topicals as well! Hemp-infused topicals are the latest addition to the wellness industry.

Cannabidiol is an all-natural component that comes from cannabis. Manufacturers mix it together with oil bases or water to create a homogenous topical product.

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Credible research has shown that cannabidiol can possibly manage one’s pain and inflammation. The latter is thanks to its supposed anti-inflammatory properties.

One of the more well-known effects of cannabidiol (CBD) is pain relief. Since these products are meant to be applied topically, they work best on sore muscles and potentially alleviate pain.

Topical CBD Cream

These topicals come in the form of lotions and creams. They are exactly like the lotions and creams that you’re used to, except they are infused with hemp extract, a non-psychoactive and all-natural component.

To make topical creams like CBD lotions, a key ingredient is thrown into the emulsification process: water. Manufacturers mix water together with the fatty acids and essential oils.

These creams are thicker in texture and are generally more moisturizing. That being said, they work best for people who suffer from dry skin. The texture of topical creams is more easily absorbed into the skin because of its water content.

Those who prefer to use topical CBD creams are a fan of the added moisture they can get from this product. That way, they are able to moisturize their dry spots. They may experience the positive effects of CBD.


How Does CBD Salve Work

CBD salves have a much oilier and balmier consistency as compared to CBD creams. Consumers use topical salves in targeted areas to relieve sore muscles or alleviate pain.

Companies create hemp salves by combining the non-psychoactive component with a carrier oil. Popular choices for a carrier oil are coconut oil and olive oil. Both options have their own health benefits.

CBD Salve Warming Botanical

Unlike topical creams, topical salves do not use water as an ingredient. This explains the product’s balmy texture.

The best CBD salve is made out of high-quality ingredients that companies source locally. Moreover, it has a natural ginger and turmeric scent. These ingredients were used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine.

Ginger and turmeric naturally warm the body to help soothe aches and pains. Many users love to apply this warming salve after a long day of work, or as needed.

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CBD Cream vs CBD Salve: Differences Explained

In the CBD cream vs CBD salve debate, the difference is actually very subtle. The simple addition of water is what makes the cream different from the salve.

When water is emulsified together with the fatty acids of cannabidiol, the result becomes a thick cream or lotion. When the water is out of the equation, carrier oils substitute as the main component of salves.

Each CBD topical cream product has its own pros and cons. Nevertheless, if they are made with premium high-quality cannabidiol along with other ingredients, they should garner the same wonderful results.

Which is Better?

At the end of the day, the CBD cream vs CBD salve debate all boils down to personal preference. Moreover, some prefer the moist texture of creams and lotions. Others may prefer the balmy consistency of hemp salves.

Both topical products ultimately provide the same results. The key difference is really found in the texture and the added benefits of each individual product.

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It’s best to keep in mind that no cannabidiol product, salve or otherwise, is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Rather, CBD works much like any other health supplement. It is not meant to be a magic cure-all and must be used appropriately.

For the best results with your CBD topical cream, it’s a good idea to consult with your regular health care professional before incorporating any cannabis-related product into your lifestyle.

What’s great is that there are available broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD salve that you can buy. Most topical products also include other beneficial ingredients that can help your skin.

The Herbal Botanical Salve, for example, has coconut oil, vitamin E, and Arnica Montana extracts that promote skin growth and reduce signs of scarring and bruises.

Even with full-spectrum hemp extract, the THC content is not enough to get users high in this non-melting salve.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for warming balms, opt for the herbal botanical CBD salve.

The entire cannabidiol industry remains unchecked. Therefore, not every product out there is created with high-quality products. Trusted producers go through the rather costly process of third-party lab-testing to prove the authenticity of their products.

CBD cream reviews

At the same time, these producers choose to remain completely transparent and honest with their customers. They aren’t skimping out on the cannabidiol content simply to make a quick buck. Lastly, they ensure that you get your money’s worth with each purchase.

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Learn More About Topical CBD

  • Can I use CBD cream on my face?

CBD cream can be applied to the face. Some claim that this hemp product brings a boost of moisture when added to beauty creams. Likewise, consult with a health professional first before incorporating any topical CBD product into one’s skin regimen.

  • How long before CBD salve takes effect?

This is dependent on the type of topical one purchases and on the quality of the product’s ingredients. Not every topical is created equally. This botanical salve has 500 mg of CBD and provides instant effects after application.

  • Will I fail a drug test if I use CBD cream?

CBD creams, salves, or even lotions are meant to be applied topically. Though the skin may absorb the positive effects of cannabidiol, it does not enter the bloodstream. Similarly, most topical hemp products have no more than 0.3% of THC content.

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