CBD Supplements for Depression in 2020

Mental health issues have seen a surge in recent years. Anxiety and depression make up a large portion of the cases needing treatment. As the search for safer alternatives to traditional treatments continues, CBD for depression control and CBD for depression treatment have taken the front seat.

The extracts produced from cannabis plants show to have an impending positive effect in the treatment of anxiety. We need more research to discover the long term effects this type of treatment may have, many are already finding relief with CBD for depression as well as for depression.

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How Can CBD Help Depression?

CBD may provide a natural alternative compared to prescription medications for anxiety and depression. Studies, while limited, have shown positive results in the treatment of both medical conditions.

CBD could have a calming effect that aids those suffering from both anxiety and depression. This calming effect might help to stop the racing thoughts associated with anxiety disorders — helping the person to find relief and even rest.


It could promote a balanced and regulated production of the body’s natural chemicals like serotonin. Serotonin is the body’s natural mood lifter and will help boost positive thoughts in those suffering from depression. This boost supports the mental well being and can help calm many of the symptoms related to depression.

CBD for anxiety and depression relief is possible with the following potential health benefits:

  • CBD could promote relaxation, which slows the racing thoughts of depression.
  • The regulation of serotonin levels boosts the mood may provide an anti-depression benefit.
  • It could slow the manic feeling felt in both depression and anxiety, allowing for controlled thoughts.
  • CBD may combat the loss of appetite associated with both anxiety disorders and depression.
  • It could provide a better night’s sleep, which promotes mental awareness and helps reduce erratic thoughts.
  • CBD could reduce stress without the drugged feeling some traditional treatments have.


CBD for Depression: The Research

New studies are being conducted on the potential benefits of CBD in treating depression. A study shows that CBD may have an antidepressant effect. The calming effect offered by the use of CBD oils might help to reduce many of the triggers of depression and anxiety.

As mentioned, the serotonin that is naturally produced by the body is a mood booster. Those with depression often suffer from lower serotonin levels. CBD products could help the body to utilize this chemical in a way to boost the positive thoughts needed in the darkest of depressive states.

CBD for depression

Add a good night’s sleep to the boost of positive thoughts, and the mood shifts even further. Rest provides the body with the necessary downtime it needs to reduce stress levels. Racing thoughts can lead to further depression, as the mind berates itself for not being able to cope. Providing the body with this off-time allows for clearer thinking and fewer racing thoughts.

Further studies are needed on the federal level to bring conclusive results to the CBD question. However, the results of those who are already using CBD for other medical conditions are promising in the treatment of mental illnesses like depression.


CBD for Depression vs. Antidepressant Medication

There are many different FDA approved medications available for the treatment of depression. A typical course of treatment will require a doctor to prescribe medication on a trial and error basis.

After a set time, the symptoms will be evaluated and the proper course of action will be taken. This may mean that the patient continues with the prescribed medicine or a change may be necessary. Changes require another trial period and reassessment.

The problem with these types of treatments is that they take a week or more to begin providing the desired effect. CBD supplements like tinctures could offer a different method.

By using CBD oil for depression, a drop or two under the tongue may start to take effect immediately, delivering instant results that can be measured in minutes instead of days or weeks. However, these response times vary per individual.

With hemp products available in oils, pills, and gummies, there is a possible method of consumption that will work for even those who do not like taking medicine.

Another potential benefit of CBD over antidepressant medications is that they are not addictive. Many of the prescribed medications have a high rate of addiction and users can abuse them with lethal results.

Studies have shown that CBD products would not hold this same addictive quality, making CBD a safer alternative to some of the traditional medications that are currently offered.

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What if I Also Have Anxiety? Can CBD Help?

Anyone who has suffered the panic attacks knows that there is nothing worse than the racing thoughts that keep you up at night. Combine this with the fact that anxiety disorders often lead to bouts of depression, and the feelings are intensified. The mind races in a circle of manic thoughts and panic attacks that end in depressive moods.

CBD for depression may offer relief from these symptoms. Finding this relief could allow those who have this mental illness to process daily stresses and thoughts productively. Those dealing with anxiety often find it hard to shut off their feelings long enough to sleep.

CBD for Anxiety

Left alone, this lack of rest will further the decline in clarity for sorting out the manic episodes that will come. The calming effect of CBD may allow the mind to process these thoughts easier while also offering the rest needed to destress.

Many different triggers can cause depression. Two of the most common triggers are social anxiety (the fear of being around other people or other’s reactions to oneself) and overwhelming stress. The calming components found in CBD might help those suffering during these situations to find the relief they need to see them through the crisis.

To date, no hemp-derived product has received approval from the FDA. Consumers are to take them as supplements, not medication. They are not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any illness. Likewise, health claims have yet to be proved scientifically.


Side Effects CBD for Depression

The side effects of most of the FDA approved medicines anxiety and depression treatment are often scarier than the mental illnesses themselves. These negative side effects are the reason many are turning to CBD products for potential anxiety and depression relief.

CBD’s natural compound reportedly does not have the same side effects that can be found with other medications. Though the cases of reaction are few, some may experience the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Changes in appetite

It is advisable to seek medical advice before starting any CBD treatment. This ensures the proper plan is set in place. If treatment is already being followed that includes prescription medications, all medical advice must be followed.

Never discontinue a prescription medication without approval by a medical professional. Stopping some prescribed medication without proper medical care can lead to harmful side effects.

While the possibility of side effects with CBD for depression is low in occurrence, speak with your doctor if you experience any to discuss the proper course of action. You may reduce or eliminate these effects with a change in dosage amount or method of use.

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How to Use CBD for Depression?

There are multiple methods for using CBD for depression. Consequently, hemp products are available in gummies, tinctures, oils, pills, and creams, among other options.

The method chosen will be a highly personalized one, unique to each person. CBD Gummies generally have a fruity flavor. This is an ideal option for those who are not comfortable swallowing pills.

best cbd gummies

You take the pills like any other supplement, making it easy to incorporate into a daily vitamin regimen.

Furthermore, tinctures and oils offer the quickest absorption and distribution throughout the body. Furthermore, utilizing this method requires placing the desired amount of product under the tongue, where it will be absorbed directly into the body.

Creams are ideal for concentrated treatment in specific areas in the body. This method works to aid in the relaxation needed to stave off those panic attacks.

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Using CBD oil for anxiety and depression could provide much-needed relief for sufferers without the scary side effects of long-term prescription medications. CBD may offer a natural alternative without the addictive attributes found in other methods of treatment.

Additionally, CBD products may help promote restful sleep, slow down the racing thoughts, and boost the mood in a healthy way, providing potential benefits that give the users something to smile about.

Even though there is not yet a permanent cure for anxiety and depression, CBD products might help relieve the symptoms and reduce the number of episodes experienced. Moreover, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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