CBD for Bipolar Disorder Treatment Guide 2020

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition with mood swings and periods of lows and highs. People with bipolar disorder suffer through extremes of depression and happiness on a regular basis. Since it is a mental disease, there has been new research on CBD for bipolar disorders.

Given the ups and downs, bipolar sufferers can have difficulty sleeping and dealing with mental tasks. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong condition with no known cure. However, you can manage it with a good treatment plan for drugs and behavior modification.

There are two types of bipolar disorder. Bipolar I has two stages and can lead to a break with reality. Extremes are more severe with Bipolar I sufferers. Bipolar II is not as severe and episodes are typically minor compared to Bipolar I.

CBD has been shown potential in studies as a treatment for sleep issues, anxiety, and even mental health conditions. This is because hemp oil could introduce more cannabinoids into the body to help balance a person out. As more studies emerge, we may be able to use CBD oil for bipolar disorders.

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CBD for Bipolar Disorders: The Research

There have been numerous studies conducted over the years on CBD and its possible effects on mental disorders, but the research is limited to bipolar disorder. A 2017 study out of Sao Paulo has shown promising results of CBD usage to manage mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

CBD for Bipolar Disorder

After several weeks of CBD usage, test subjects noted an improvement in daily functioning. Another recently published study was conducted to determine the therapeutic aspects of cannabis for mental disorders.

The results indicated that CBD products with THC tended to increase negative symptoms, but did not draw any conclusions on pure CBD effects.

User testimonials also provide weight to the balance between CBD and THC products. One user noted that after years of struggling with bipolar disorder, only a CBD/THC combination produced the best results for her symptom management.

Another user stated that after years of using conventional drugs, CBD products were the only thing that worked for his bipolar symptoms.

Medical marijuana is not the same as CBD. CBD is made from hemp plants or the cannabis plant.


Types of CBD Products

There are many forms of CBD for bipolar disorders. There are edibles, tinctures, and topical products. Depending on the result expected, CBD users may try any number of these options and possibly a combination of all.

The amount of CBD and serving sizes vary based on the CBD concentrate used. Many hemp-infused products possibly offer different health benefits.


Ingestible products are better for longer results. However, since they must be ingested, they may take longer to enter the bloodstream and take effect. This might not be desirable during a bipolar episode.

Though, it could be beneficial for managing bipolar symptoms in a daily routine. There are a variety of good products on the market that a potential user can research and test.

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Ways to Use CBD for Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorder has many layers and sub-issues. Lack of sleep is a big part of bipolar disorder due to the severity of episodes. CBD oil for bipolar disorders could even a body out to the point that users sleep better. The amount of THC to CBD mix in a tincture product may also have certain effects on users.

Research has shown that products with more CBD might have better results in reducing mental health symptoms. This is due to the fact that CBD may have more antipsychotic properties than THC does. It is important to do research on specific products before introducing them into your routine.

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Products from trusted retailers are organic and follow strict guidelines for regulation. A licensed health professional may be helpful in determining the right product for you.

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Take Away

There are many different types of CBD products that may help with chronic pain or other side effects of serious health conditions. The research is still ongoing with CBD and THC products for bipolar disorder.

It is recommended that interested users talk to a health professional or knowledgeable source before taking hemp oil. Do the appropriate research on products as CBD oils have different blends and quality levels. In the United States, check your local municipality for legal questions.




  • Is CBD Suitable for Bipolar Disorder?

    • CBD has beneficial properties that protect the brain from negative factors and supports healthy neurotransmitter function. Research through this effect of CBD supports a more stable mood throughout the day.
  • Is CBD a Mood Stabilizer?

    • CBD has been proven to have a positive effect on mental and physical symptoms. It also has a positive effect on anxiety and depression.
  • Can CBD Help With Mood Swings?

    • Inflammation is associated with mental health and mood disorders, and CBD is eliminated based on research that shows CBD can improve your mood. And also reduce your anxiety and depression.
  • How much CBD should I take?

    • A qualified healthcare professional, your doctor familiar with CBD research and your medical history can help you in choosing the right dosage. Since there is no single answer to CBD. The same is true for the medications used for bipolar disorder.
  • What’s the connection between CBD and bipolar disorder?

    • It works differently for each person. For some, it improves their cognitive function. Improving positive effects for mania and depression. And for some, it increases the symptoms of depression.
  • CBD oil for bipolar disorder, what is the effect?

    • Several studies show CBD reduces mania and depression and has great potential for therapeutic use.

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