CBD for Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide

Can you use CBD for fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal disorder that causes fatigue, memory issues, and can have mood components due to lack of sleep. The current belief is that fibromyalgia causes pain by affecting how the brain processes pain reception.

There is no cure for fibromyalgia so managing the pain and the symptoms of the disease are very important.

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CBD for Fibromyalgia

Symptoms of fibromyalgia are difficult as fibromyalgia is a chronic issue. This means that there is no cure for the disease. Medical professionals are unsure of how someone develops the illness.

Typical symptoms can start to appear after major surgery, trauma, or other stressors to the body and result in chronic pain. Unfortunately, this build-up can take years to occur with no single trigger point to trace back to. Fibromyalgia affects more women than men.

CBD for Fibromyalgia

It can lead to additional conditions such as temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and depression. There is no known cure, but there is some new research that suggests CBD might help to manage the pain caused by fibromyalgia.

High-quality CBD oil may work with receptors located within the body. Fibromyalgia is a disease where the body doesn’t interpret the pain correctly. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) helps regulate a variety of conditions with chronic inflammation and pain.

How Does CBD for Fibromyalgia Work?

Since fibromyalgia causes the body’s pain receptors to go haywire, CBD might be a good choice for pain management.

It works with multiple areas of the body such as the central nervous system (CNS) which is where fibromyalgia pain originates. CBD for fibromyalgia could help regulate the serotonin receptors that tell our body how much pain we are in.

When we get a paper cut, our nerves and receptors tell our body what to feel. But if you have fibromyalgia, it takes that pain and makes it much worse than it actually is. Pain is actually a good thing. It tells our body when we need to slow down because we are injured or not to further damage a part of our body. But when the pain gets out of control, or pain is part of our life every hour of the day, we need to take steps to fix it.

Since our body produces cannabinoids naturally to help in pain management, the introduction of additional cannabinoids from CBD oil may aid in pain suppression.

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Claims and Research

A study in 2009 on the effects of CBD on neuropathic pain showed positive results. Scientists concluded that cannabidiol could have an impact on the body’s various receptors due to the fact that the body already produces its own cannabinoids. This is basically saying that your body already creates cannabinoids on its own.

The introduction of CBD into the body only aided the body’s own production to help regulate the various internal systems. The study also concluded that direct ingestion was the best route for rapid, long-term absorption into the bloodstream.

CBD for Fibromyalgia

The study concluded the best ways to use CBD for fibromyalgia included those most convenient, tincture oils and edibles.

Another study in 2011 on fibromyalgia patients was conducted to find out information about CBD on pain and inflammation. The results showed that within hours, patients had a reduction in stiffness and overall pain. They also showed an increase in sleep capability.

Getting the right amount of sleep is very important for everyone that suffers from a chronic disease. It is especially important for those that suffer from fibromyalgia. Reportedly, CBD does not include the psychoactive effects of marijuana although it does originate from the cannabis plant with few side effects.

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How to Use CBD for Fibromyalgia

CBD comes in a variety of options. Hemp oil may be ingested or applied topically and tends to have longer effects than other methods. However, if a patient is seeking faster relief of symptoms, using gummies or oil will be the best solution.

For dosage advice, it’s best to consult a practitioner for medical advice, follow your state laws, and do your research. Dosage all depends on your height and weight, symptoms you are minimizing, and your overall tolerance to CBD.

What is CBD

You may find the need to try several different products before you settle on a particular formula or combination.

To date, however, the FDA has yet to approve of any over-the-counter CBD wellness product. They are to be taken as supplements, not medication. They are not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition.

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Take Away

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness with no cure. It affects the way the brain processes pain reception by causing the pain receptors throughout the body to amplify pain. People with fibromyalgia have had good results with CBD oil by using it to manage many of the underlying causes of the disease.

Also, CBD oil could help treat many of the symptoms of fibromyalgia which helps in the overall treatment. There are few if any side effects for those that are using CBD for fibromyalgia. This is a treatment plan worth exploring with your primary care physician.

It has been shown to possibly help with pain management and regulate the body’s receptors. The usage of CBD oil might help make fibromyalgia symptoms more manageable.

Please conduct your own research before using a CBD product or consult a knowledgeable practitioner. You may find that CBD oil is exactly what you have been looking for to treat your symptoms with Fibromyalgia.

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