CBD for Nausea Treatment Guide

CBD for Nausea Treatment Guide

Are you someone who suffers from nausea due to a medical condition? Do you suffer from motion sickness, chronic pain, or are undergoing chemotherapy?

Nausea symptoms can leave a person feeling weak and tired. It can affect your daily routine and decrease your quality of life. CBD oil may be the right product for your symptoms. There are many forms of CBD and CBD concentrates that can help with a variety of medical and anxiety disorders.

CBD Oil for Nausea

Drug companies have worked over the years to manufacture products that help manage nausea. None have been as effective as CBD oil in recent years.

Nausea is most often linked to an underlying condition such as food poisoning or chemotherapy. While prescription drugs can help manage symptoms, they work at suppressing nausea rather than treating the root cause. This is where CBD comes in.

There are many types of CBD products. These are created from the cannabis plant also known as the hemp plant. In the United States, many states allow the use of medical marijuana, however, this is not the same as CBD topicals and CBD infused items.

CBD oil introduces more cannabinoids in the body. Our body already creates its own cannabinoids and the introduction of CBD oil helps balance those out. Recent studies have shown great results in treating nausea and its cause.


Types of CBD to Use

As with most drug treatment options, there are also many types of CBD oils. CBD oils are a blend and while some are pure CBD, others are mixtures. The mixtures tend to contain THC or other cannabinoids. The blend of CBD products can make a difference in the treatment of nausea.

CBD oil comes in topical and edible forms. It can be applied directly under the tongue for absorption into the bloodstream. It can be taken via pill or gummy form.

Topical or edible CBD options take a bit longer to process through the body.

Ways to Use CBD for Nausea

Pure CBD seems to work better than THC/CBD combos because it has a non-psychotropic aspect that seems more capable of handling nausea symptoms. It has been shown to moderate the body’s serotonin levels to help reduce the need to vomit. It has also been shown to increase happiness levels which reduces nausea and vomiting symptoms.

There is no set combination or dosage guidelines on the amount of CBD products that should be used. Potential users will need to conduct research and talk with their doctor to see what CBD products are right for their nausea symptoms. Topical and edible CBD products all have different effects.CBD Oil for Nausea

They also contain different CBD blends where some products have more CBD purity than others. The goal of CBD products is to get as little to no THC as possible for the treatment of nausea and vomiting.

Another thing to note is that CBD oil is easier for the body to handle. If you are already suffering from nausea symptoms, the last thing you want to do is introduce something that is going to make you sicker.

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Claims and Research

In a 2011 study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, results noted that while what causes nausea may not be fully understood, CBD products showed great results when tested on animal subjects. It reduced the rate of vomiting and nausea-like symptoms within minutes of CBD oil introduction.

In another 2014 European study, researchers found that CBD and cannabis have positive effects when treating nausea and vomiting in users. More doctors are recommending it as a course of treatment following chemotherapy. An additional study in 2016 sought to look at the combination of THC and CBD when finding an effective treatment for nausea symptoms.

The results indicated that pure CBD products give the best outcomes. This is due to the fact that THC can upset the stomach further and cause vomiting depending on how a person’s body handles it.

Numerous user feedback also exists with regards to the use of CBD oil and cannabis to treat nausea symptoms following chemotherapy. This came after months of chemotherapy treatment to reduce her cancer. This result is not uncommon and there has been an increased usage of CBD products amongst cancer patients.

Take Away

If you are interested in quality CBD products to treat your nausea, then look no further than Blosum. You will find high quality, organic products that are perfect for nausea and vomiting treatment.

Blosum products follow strict regulations and offer a variety of options such as CBD isolate. These can improve your nausea side effects from chemo or other nervous system problems.

Stop suffering from your daily nausea symptoms today. Research has shown that CBD Oil can make your nausea symptoms more manageable. Do not wait, talk to your doctor today about CBD Oil.


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