CBD for Social Anxiety Treatment Guide

Social Anxiety disorders can be debilitating. Your thoughts are racing, your heart is pounding, and your palms are sweating. For those with anxiety, this can be a daily occurrence. Anxiety can occur at any time, making it difficult for you to live your life.

FDA-approved prescription medications can help you manage the symptoms, but these often come with side-effects. There is something else you can try. Early studies are showing that CBD products may be able to help.

CBD for Social Anxiety

Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 13 people worldwide is trying to manage a Social Anxiety disorder? While you might not be alone in your struggle to manage anxiety, this is little help when it is affecting your life.

If you are trying to manage a social anxiety disorder, you already know that it’s not easy. Even familiar situations can trigger an anxiety attack.

CBD effects on anxiety

Chances are you are already taking prescribed medications. Adding CBD oil, gummies, multivitamins, or tinctures might help ease feelings of anxiety and some of the noticeable symptoms.

How Does CBD Help Social Anxiety

Research is starting to show that CBD may help with social anxiety. This doesn’t mean that you need to get high as this is not what CBD oil is.

Hemp plant products contain less than 0.3 percent THC, meaning they could be of a full spectrum or broad spectrum formulation. It is not the same as medical marijuana and does not contain enough THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana that causes a high. Some products are completely THC free.

If you are considering adding hemp oil, gummies, or any other similar product to your daily regime, you do want to pay close attention to dosage amounts.

Though high levels of cannabidiol cannot induce an overdose, you want to find the optimum dosage to reap the best results. It is best to coordinate with a licensed physician.

Does CBD Work For Anxiety?

Cannabidiol for anxiety interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that are mainly located in the peripheral and central nervous system. It is still unclear how cannabidiol may affect receptors in the brain but it does appear to affect serotonin levels.


Serotonin receptors levels in the body are important for the following reasons:

  • Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is important for mental health
  • Low serotonin levels can be a cause of a social anxiety disorder
  • Prescriptions are the conventional treatment for social anxiety and low serotonin levels, but adding CBD products might also help.

Before trying out these supplements, consult your doctor. Side effects may include dry mouth, drowsiness, diarrhea, and fatigue.


Social Anxiety Symptoms

What is social anxiety? Scientists and doctors define it as a nervous response to being in a social setting. It doesn’t matter if you are supposed to be the center of attention, only that you have to mingle with a group of people.

Social anxiety disorders also apply to small and big crowds, the main trigger is that you have to be there.

CBD products in almost any form might help you relax and enjoy a social setting. Here are a few ways how the natural and organic compound may potentially help:

  • Reduce sudden bouts of anxiety and nervousness
  • Eliminate sweaty palms
  • Help calm breathing
  • Help appetite

In simplest terms, taking a dose of cannabidiol for social anxiety could help you relax, feel more confident, and minimize feelings of social anxiety.

CBD supplements for Social Anxiety

Anxiety and depression often go together. Many people diagnosed with one are also told that they have the symptoms of the other. In severe cases, it comes with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Your social anxiety could trigger depression and vice-versa.

CBD for social anxiety

There have been animal studies that seem to show that cannabidiol might help relieve social anxiety and depression. There has also been research on how CBD may help people manage their anxiety and/or depression disorder.

Even though cannabidiol may help lessen social anxiety and depression disorder symptoms, this by no way means that you should stop taking your prescribed medications.

How might CBD products help with social anxiety?

  • Work with receptors in the brain to improve serotonin levels
  • Calm nerves
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety
  • Improve overall mood

While studies are showing promising results, it has yet to receive scientific backing and approval from the FDA.

What Type of CBD Helps social Anxiety?

There are several types of cannabidiol products. There is something for everyone whether you want to use oil tinctures as an additive to food or drink or eat it as a fruity gummy.

Here is a list of the common CBD products. Maybe one will fit your lifestyle.

  • Capsules
  • Gummies
  • Tinctures
  • Topical salves

Trusted retailers sell most of these products, so you’ll never have a problem finding the right form of CBD for you.

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Is CBD or CBG better for Anxiety?

CBD and CBG are both compounds of cannabinoids. They both interact with the same receptors in the body and won’t make you “high”. The only difference between the two is the different functions and lack of research on CBG. Currently, CBD has a decent amount of research, but CBG does not.

How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety

There are multiple ways to use cannabidiol oil and the products that contain it. The sky’s the limit because organic hemp oil can be mixed into almost anything.

best cbd products

Here are a few ways you may incorporate a product that contains cannabidiol into your daily routine to reduce symptoms of social anxiety and depression:

  • Gummies: Chewy fruity gummies almost always brings a smile
  • Topicals: These can help with depression that causes physical pain
  • Oil: Fast results, take under the tongue or with food and drink
  • Tinctures: Perfect for adding to favorite foods or beverages

As you can see, there are several uses for products with CBD extract that may help with social anxiety. The cannabidiol that BlosumCBD uses is third-party lab tested, ensuring that the customer gets their CBD products 100% free of harmful chemical or fertilizers all while being USDA Organic.

Does CBD Work for Anxiety in Dogs?

Potential benefits of CBD for pets, including dogs, are becoming very well known. It can improve their overall quality of life and holistic wellness. With that being said, cannabinoids have been known to interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the nervous systems. This can help maintain a balance in the body and help treat neuropathic pain, like anxiety or stress management. Some like for the cannabidiol to be infused in dog chews or treats, to better taste.

Is CBD Legal?

If you are wondering if cannabidiol oil is legal, the answer is usually “yes.” However, you should check local federal laws if you live in a state that has not legalized marijuana.

CBD tincture only contains less than 0.3% of THC. This low potency and amount are legal throughout the United States.

CBD for Anxiety – Final thoughts

We still need more cannabis research and clinical trials on humans to fully understand its effects on our bodies. The effects of cannabidiol for anxiety, while mostly positive, might negatively impact the body if we don’t take precautions.

Just remember, CBD oil for anxiety is not a “cure-all.” It is only meant to be a supplement that might be able to improve your quality of life. Talk to your doctor about cannabidiol and other dietary supplements that may work for you to produce anti-anxiety effects.



  • How will CBD work for my anxiety and depression?

    • According to a study, CBD affects receptors in our brain that are responsible for stress and anxiety. Data also suggests that CBD can affect stress-related depression.
  • How much CBD to take for anxiety?

    • Statistics show a good effect of CBD on anxiety. You should start with small doses and gradually increase the dosage to normal. For example, start with 2-5 milligrams two to three times a day and gradually increase. The dosage of the norm depends on the types of anxiety and your body.
  • Does CBD really work for anxiety?

    • In 2011, scientists noticed that according to a study, cannabidiol affects receptors that are responsible for anxiety. As a result, a good effect of cannabidiol on anxiety and stress was revealed.
  • How does CBD help anxiety?

    • CBD is thought to affect the CB1 receptors that are located in our brains. This is not yet fully understood. This changes the signals of the serotonin, which is also called the hormone of happiness.
  • How much CBD oil should I take for anxiety?

    • Doctors advise starting with a small dosage and increasing the intake of CBD oil to the recommended dose. The dosage is determined by your doctor, it depends on many factors and only the doctor will be able to correctly calculate the dose for you.
  • Does CBD for social anxiety work?

    • Many studies and statistics suggest that CBD oil works for social anxiety. CBD affects receptors in our brains and reduces anxiety and stress.


Updated January 6, 2021

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