CBD Oil While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Cannabidiol has grown in the health community and adopted for its therapeutic benefits. But there is a question remaining, can you use CBD oil while pregnant?

The short answer is that while there have been no adverse side effects, it is up to the consumers’ choice. This is a big decision and users should discuss the pros and cons with a doctor.

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How Can CBD Oil Affect Us While Pregnant?

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is composed of lipid-based neurotransmitters that find and connect to the cannabinoid proteins in our bodies.


This cannabis substance interacts with this system that everyone has and is known to help reduce inflammation in organisms, as well as reducing pain.

Though little research has been done on this topic, there is currently one drug on the market with cannabidiol that can help treat forms of epilepsy. Using CBD oil while pregnant could help with many different problems, but each body is diverse, and all reactions are mixed.

To be legal in the United States, the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) must be under 0.3%.

Anywhere you shop for CBD must state how much or little traces of this compound is found in the product. This compound is derived from marijuana plants and is responsible for the high that people get when smoking the entire plant.

Legal hemp products should never contain enough THC to inebriate anyone or cause intoxication.


Can CBD Help While Pregnant?

Hemp oil while pregnant and products are now legal and socially acceptable to use. There is little research that has been done on pregnant women consuming cannabidiol wellness products.

There are legal and ethical reasons. No researcher will do long term studies to see the effects of CBD oil while pregnant.

As of right now, there have been no studies that any amount of cannabidiol will help with morning sickness or nausea.

cbd for pregnant women

You should always consult with a doctor before taking anything that has unknown effects. That being said, there are other ways to cure morning sickness.

Pregnant mothers should be cautious with any supplements or any doses of hemp. Instead of running to any form of medication, try eating. This can be hard when every smell is making you sick and your stomach is rolling in pain, but eating smaller snacks could help with nausea.

A few things you can eat to help with nausea or morning sickness include herbal tea like peppermint or tea with just a hint of ginger, broths, and bananas. There may be other food that sounds appealing to you, and if you want, you can try to eat them in small portions.

If you are experiencing nausea, you may want to stay away from spicy foods.

If the nausea is awful, you may want to talk to your doctor about having a prescription medication that is okay for pregnant mothers-to-be to consume.


Can You Use CBD oil while pregnant?

While a woman is pregnant, anything can potentially affect a fetus. Not all things are safe to consume while pregnant. It is best to find alternatives to topical lotions for expectant mothers because there are so many unknown facts about the long term effects.

Anything derived from the cannabis plant may want to be avoided to reduce the risk of birth complications.

CBD rubs may reduce inflammation on the outer layer of our body. It could reduce pain and soreness, as well as various kinds of rashes. It could also be a great moisturizer.

Rubs and topicals do not ever enter the bloodstream, so if you choose to use this form of CBD oil while pregnant, make sure you talk to a doctor.

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CBD and Baby: Will CBD Hurt a Baby When You’re Pregnant?

Exposure to marijuana could affect a baby’s birth weight. There are even instances of stillbirth when consuming cannabis.

There is currently no evidence that suggests consuming CBD oils during pregnancy will have the same characteristics of consuming marijuana. However, it is always best to err on the side of caution.

CBD is very new to our market and is still being studied and tested. There are very few regulations and more are currently being set in place.

Cannabidiol use during pregnancy has to be researched and regulated before anyone should consider thinking of taking it without doctors to okay the product in use.

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Types of CBD while pregnant

When thinking about taking CBD as a mother to be, know that after doing your own research and consulting a doctor, there are many forms to choose from.

The safest by far is the topical rubs for a mother to be. These do not enter the bloodstream and may help relieve pain on the outside of the body.

CBD Salve Warming Botanical

There are oil tinctures. Some of these can be mixed with vitamins that may or may not be okay for pregnant women.

You place these under the tongue for thirty seconds, and it is a direct way into the bloodstream and the ECS. However, it still takes some time to get it fully working in your body, you may have to take it up to a few weeks before noticing any difference.

Edibles like infused hemp gummies are by far the tastiest way to consume hemp and could be suitable for mothers who need a snack. A lot of edibles are also mixed with other vitamins, so you have to read the ingredients very carefully to find out if they are safe to consume.

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How to Use CBD for Pregnant Women

The therapeutic properties seem like a deal for taking one drop of liquid a day. Any pregnant woman or nursing mother thinking of taking hemp oil products should talk to a doctor first.

There is a fear of the unknown here. Many moms claim that they use cannabidiol to fight insomnia and also to help fight pains from a stretching stomach.

There is so much to be anxious about when being pregnant, and it does seem like a miracle cure.

However, there is no research to suggest moms should be using this product in any way. Just because there is no lousy evidence doesn’t mean there won’t be harmful consequences.



There are many things to consider when thinking about consuming CBD oil while pregnant.

Cannabis is a unique plant and can absorb toxic chemicals and heavy metals from the ground. However, this plant can also absorb proper nutrients from the soil as well.

So for anyone thinking about consuming hemp oil, it is essential to find out where the plants are grown. Also, to find out if the products are pure, look for lab results from third-party testing.

A topical salve, when pregnant, is by far the least controversial way for moms to be to use cannabidiol oil while pregnant.

However, you should always consult a doctor before going out to buy this CBD oil while pregnant. There has not been much research done due to ethical dilemmas studying CBD oil with pregnancy. How this cannabis substance and a fetus work together is something best determined by you and your doctor.




  • Can you take CBD oil while pregnant?

    • Since studies on the use of CBD during pregnancy are small, doctors advise against using marijuana during pregnancy. They also say that you should not use it during lactation.
  • Is CBD safe for pregnancy?

    • The Ministry of Health recommends not to use CBD during pregnancy and lactation since this topic has not yet been investigated and it is impossible to confirm its positive properties.
  • Can CBD bath bombs harm a pregnant woman?

    • Many bath bombs use essential oils that can negatively affect the health of a pregnant woman and her baby, so you should refrain from taking baths with bombs during the first trimester.
  • Was there anyone who used CBD during pregnancy?

    • Some women said that CBD oil helped them cope with some unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy. For example, such as nausea and vomiting, CBD has the ability to help with nausea, but the effect on the pregnant is not proven.
  • Does CBD have a positive effect on becoming pregnant?

    • Many women claimed that CBD helped them conceive, but some studies have shown that CBD can be detrimental to the baby. This can affect ovulation and miscarriage.
  • Can I use CBD for anxiety during pregnancy?

    • During pregnancy, you should stop taking CBD for anxiety, as this can harm the baby. You should consult your doctor about prescribing another medicine for you.

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