Top 10 CBD Memes in 2020

Cannabidiol, or more commonly known as CBD, has become an undeniable part of pop culture. From being a relatively unknown compound in cannabis, its image has since been transformed into one of health, wellness, and fulfillment.

But like anything in 2020, no part of pop culture is complete without the memes! Read on to see the evolution of the CBD meme and why it has been adopted as a lifestyle by regular folks and Hollywood’s biggest influencers alike.

Discussed below are the basics of CBD: what it is, why people (and even pets!) use it, and of course, the funniest CBD memes of this year.

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What is CBD?

The popularity of cannabidiol or CBD is at an all-time high, pun intended. CBD is one of the hundreds of compounds found in cannabis and is the second most prevalent one next to tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

But even though the best CBD products are made using the hemp plant, a cousin of marijuana, it does not produce the high that so many people associate with weed.

That distinction still belongs to THC. But CBD has its own claim to fame: it is a fantastic treatment for a very wide array of conditions. Its healing effects are so widely reported that a CBD meme about it seems to go viral every day!

Rising CBD Craze

The legality of THC is still playing a game of cat and mouse on the federal level. But for CBD, celebrity endorsement has helped catapult it into a household name.

Influential figures like Hollywood A-listers Gwyneth Paltrow and Whoopi Goldberg have entered the CBD market with their own brands, helping push the cannabis culture that was once the realm of celebrity stoners such as Tommy Chong, Snoop Dogg, and Seth Rogen.

With such high profile endorsers, it comes as no surprise that regular folks would cook up their own CBD memes to hilarious results. Stay informed with a dose of these lighthearted CBD fact memes.

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Best CBD Memes of 2020

Many users are finding fun by creating memes surrounding CBD. Here are some of the best memes we found on the internet.

What’s the sauce

CBD meme

This CBD meme illustrates the reality that every capitalist seems to be hopping on the CBD hype train. The proliferation of overpriced and diluted CBD products that you can find in gas stations is proof of this.

Be discerning because only authentic CBD has the potential to alleviate chronic pain.

Just vibin’

CBD tweet

Joe Rogan is another extremely influential figure for the CBD movement. Whether you love him or you hate him, his passion for the therapeutic effects of cannabis is well-documented—so much so that a CBD oil meme about dogs using non-toxic CBD can resonate so well.

CBD for dogs may be health-enhancing by reducing anxiety, soothing inflammations, and treating mood disorders just like in people.

I swear I’m not obsessed

Obsessed with CBD

This is another example of CBD meme funny because it’s true. CBD advocates can seem pretty obsessive about the effects of cannabidiol but when there is so much anecdotal evidence to support it, can you really blame them?

It may provide almost instant relief to a variety of pain and can come in many convenient forms like oil tinctures and gummies.

CBD for daze

CBD oil meme

This CBD meme is just a playful take on some very real sentiments about hemp. For people who need it, CBD has become a life-changing therapy that improves the quality of life on a daily basis.

Without it, these patients can understandably become quite emotional!

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I’m not saying it’s CBD. But it’s CBD.

Benefits of CBD

The coworkers in this CBD meme must have had great results with their CBD therapy. There is no shortage of claims regarding the effectiveness of cannabidiol in both mental and physical health healing.

If a hemp user hears about your pain and knows that cannabidiol can help, you can be almost sure that they will tell you about it.

CBD is just diet weed…

Weed meme

When you compare CBD to marijuana, you get you the CBD the Odoul of weed meme. In other words, no amount of CBD will get you high. It does not contain psychoactive compounds.

This is what makes it a preferred natural alternative to prescription medication.


Jay-Z gets it

CBD benefits

CBD oil memes appeal to so many people because of its versatility of use. If falling and staying asleep, arthritis joint pains, multiple sclerosis, and a myriad of other issues affect your quality of life, then the best CBD oil may be the solution you have been looking for.

Thank God.

CBD oil meme

This funny CBD meme illustrates a major concern of patients who want to try cannabidiol. Even though CBD and weed are cousins, you will be relieved to know that cannabidiol does not show up in drug tests.

Be confident about trying CBD and order your oil tinctures and gummies without fear of failing a drug test.

Please, sir, I want some more

Effects of CBD

CBD memes funny but they also have a point that is worth discussing. The FDA even recognizes CBD as an effective treatment for two extremely rare and debilitating forms of epilepsy.

Advocates are pushing for more research to have data that backs anecdotal claims on its effectivity for other less severe conditions ranging from mental health conditions to physical pain.

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Finally, an easy-to-swallow pill

CBD memes

This funny CBD meme reinvents a classic meme to show what CBD users have figured out for themselves: it simply works better than some prescription meds.

Pure and organic hemp is readily available online if there is none available in your local area.

Why Choose CBD?

Sharing CBD memes is one way that advocates can tell the world of the truly amazing effects of CBD. But you do not have to believe these random memes at face value. You can find out for yourself why so many people now turn to cannabidiol to treat their health problems and curb symptoms.

From inflammations of the joints, migraines, and chronic pain, it is touted as the safe treatment to address these conditions. Doctors may even prescribe CBD in the states that allow it.

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Final Thoughts

The popularity of cannabidiol has spilled over to pop culture and you can find it in literally every commercial product nowadays. While CBD oil memes poke light fun at its endorsers, they also champion its effectiveness in treating a wide variety of very real pains and conditions.

The message that CBD is sending is clear. It is here to stay. According to patients who regularly take it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying it. Its pure forms are convenient to take and have no reported negative side effects.

Whether you are suffering from mental health issues like anxiety and depression or are managing chronic pain from fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, this cannabis substance is reportedly the treatment you can safely take to improve your quality of life.


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