What are the Short Term and Long Term Staying Power of CBD Oil?

The shelf life of a commercial product is defined as the time span in which an item remains useful, suitably fit for future use or resale. So, just what is the shelf life of CBD oils? How long do they last? And how do you keep them from going bad?

A good rule of thumb to follow when evaluating shelf life of anything edible is this: anything worth keeping is easy to replace. When we store valuable items, such as money or art collections, we go to great lengths to ensure their safety and if possible, their protection against damage. Preserving food products and medicines involves several steps, the first of which involves selecting a suitable carrier oil for storage (the “food”) and following the proper procedure for application. Once the food or medicine has been placed in the carrier oil, the shelf life can be evaluated by keeping tabs on the date on which the item should be checked. This applies both to edible materials and non-edible materials alike.

To determine the shelf life, a bottle should be opened at the manufacturer’s facility and the contents decanted and then stored in a refrigerator. It is important not to re-open the bottle before the expiration date, as any residual solvents or other chemicals may extend the shelf life by as much as a few months. Once the expiration date rolls around, if there is any remaining product, then the bottle should be thrown away or recycled. If a bottle remains in good condition for more than six months it should be opened and the date of manufacture recorded on the label.

The shelf life can also be extended by placing what is typically a single dose of CBD oil bottle in direct sunlight. This can be done at a friend’s house during the summer months. What is important is that the oil bottle is not left sitting in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. This could cause the bottle to crack or break open, and the contents can become contaminated. Again, if this happens, the bottle should be discarded. However, if the bottle is placed in the sun, the oil can become cloudy and the shelf life will not last long.

A shelf life can also be increased if the contents of the oil bottle are kept in the proper storage conditions. To determine the proper storage conditions, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the dropper. Any time the dropper is opened, it should immediately be removed and placed in a closed bottle. This is important not only to protect the oil dropper itself, but also to protect the potency of the CBD oil as well as the quality of the finished product.

If a CBD bottle is stored properly, then there is an increased shelf life for the product. The shelf life can last anywhere from one to two years depending on the storage procedures used. When storing the oil properly, it is important to remember that some of the oil will degrade over time, especially if stored under high heat and light. If these conditions are not addressed, then the CBD may lose some of its potency, thus affecting the taste of the finished product.

To help determine what is the shelf life of CBD, it is important to remember that high-quality oil will last longer than low-quality oil. Therefore, it is wise to purchase very high-quality oil when purchasing a CBD bottle. Always make sure to buy from a reputable source.

One way to increase the shelf life of CBD is to store the product in a temperature controlled area. This is usually referred to as “direct light” or “high heat” to help keep the oil clean and keep the contents consistent. By keeping the bottle in a high-quality dark can, it is easy to monitor the condition of the oil. When purchasing a bottle of CBD oil, it is important to consider what is the shelf life of CBD. If the bottle is purchased from a reputable distributor or retailer, then it should provide a great amount of time between use.

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