Why is CBD So Expensive?

In the world of health and wellness products, CBD has quickly become a popular buzzword. Despite the popularity of these CBD products, people are still shocked at the hefty price tags they come with. Many are left wondering, “why is CBD oil so expensive?”

These days, it seems that cannabidiol has been added into everything on the market, from teas and gummies to facial creams and topical ointments. There are even pet snacks that are infused with the non-psychoactive ingredient.

Well, why is CBD so expensive? The answer to this nagging question is simple. The price of the best CBD oil is dependent upon high-quality products, as well as the cost to ethically and sustainably produce these products from start to finish.

Each CBD company and producer has their own set of preferred extraction methods to create their final product. This process, along with other factors that will be discussed in this article, contributes greatly to why CBD oil is expensive.

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What is CBD

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is a naturally occurring chemical compound that comes from the industrial hemp plant.

CBD is just one of the industrial hemp plant’s many cannabinoids. The plant itself has a myriad of other terpenes and cannabinoids. But, cannabidiol is the most popular because of its supposed calming and relaxing side effects.

best cbd products

Credible research has shown that this non-psychoactive component may help alleviate the symptoms of a handful of ailments, both minor and major.

Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties that could potentially help with chronic pain. Aside from this, significant data has shown it may help with numerous ailments and conditions. Despite promising results, health professionals have yet to back up these claims.

Where the use of this all-natural product is legal, it appears that everyone is hopping right on the cannabis trend. The craze for this well-loved product comes from its wellness benefits.

Scientists are still in the process of pinpointing exactly how cannabis interacts with the body. However, there’s no denying that it may potentially benefit the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Overall, this all-natural chemical may potentially positively impact one’s quality of life with regular use.

How is CBD Made

The extraction process for cannabidiol and hemp varies among each and every producer. All CBD producers have their own preferred extraction process.

Cannabidiol itself is naturally occurring within the cannabis or the hemp plant. But, in order to be consumable by humans, it must first undergo a lengthy process before it can become the final product. After that, you can easily buy it in many recreational dispensaries or online.

Each cannabis-related product is a result of different methods and techniques. Take, for example, the best CBD tincture. Manufacturers create this product by mixing a full-spectrum cannabidiol extract together with a high-quality MCT oil.

The MCT oil comes from coconuts has its own set of supposed health benefits. Carrier oils such as MCT oil allow the body to absorb the ingredients faster. This, in turn, will result in faster turnaround time for users to feel CBD effects.

Some producers add natural essential oil to the extract for both scent and flavoring. This includes lavender, orange blossom, and cinnamon.

The best CBD tincture is versatile and has limitless applications. Users can take them sublingually, with beverages, or even add it to topical creams. The CBD expensive price tag is well worth it.

What Makes CBD so Expensive?

One of the reasons as to why CBD oil is so expensive is because of third-party lab testing. The cost of CBD oil is usually a good indicator of quality. Any low-priced hemp product should make one suspicious.

To date, the entire cannabis industry remains unchecked. It has yet to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What Makes CBD Expensive

That being said, there are a number of scammers out there that want to make a quick buck. What is packaged as a CBD tincture could actually be a plain essential oil. One could fall into the trap of false advertising in a market as big as the cannabis industry.

This is why the best CBD producers opt to undergo the process of party lab testing, despite the rather hefty price tag. This way customers can feel more confident when buying CBD products.

Once the products are lab tested, a Certificate of Analysis proves its authenticity. The certificate will indicate the exact contents of the product, including the specific milligrams of CBD present.

This will enable the producer to prove that their product is accurately labeled and comes from the highest quality.

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Different Extraction Methods

To create cannabidiol products, farmers and manufacturers have to strip away the plant material. This is where the different extraction methods are put to good use.

To date, there are three main methods that are most commonly used by CBD producers.

CO2 Extraction

This advanced extraction method produces the most high-quality cannabidiol extract without leaving traces of toxic residue behind. However, this process requires expensive equipment that must be handled with caution.

How is CBD Made

CBD producers will have to shell out a lot of money to first purchase the equipment needed for CO2 extraction. The bonus is that it is an investment that definitely pays off in the long run. The final product from this specific extraction process is less likely to have harmful contaminants, as compared to other extraction processes.

Clearly, a CBD producer’s investment in this extraction method alone can answer the question, “why is CBD oil so expensive?” The answer is to ensure the highest quality in the end-product.

Olive Oil Extraction

This olive oil extraction method is one of the oldest in the book. This process is considered by many as the safest and simplest method available today.

The extraction goes through multiple heating processes. First, it heats the plant material to a desirable temperature that will activate the terpenes and cannabinoids. Then, the next step requires the extracted plant matter to be heated together with olive oil.

Olive oil doesn’t entirely dissipate so it may affect the milligrams of CBD concentration in the final product.

This process, though easy and safe, is not ideal for many large scale producers. The extraction process creates a product that is easily perishable. It must be kept in cool, dark areas to preserve its effectiveness.

Nevertheless, this process may be simple enough to recreate in a home setting as a do-it-yourself project.

Solvent Extraction

Butane, ethanol, isopropyl, or alcohol are but a handful of harmful substances included in solvent extraction. Though this method is cheap, easy, and quick, it is also the most dangerous. The substances that are mixed together are highly flammable. Therefore, things could go wrong quickly without proper safety measures.

Apart from the safety issue, the harmful solvents typically melt away the additional nutrients of the plant to create the oil. Some studies have shown that this solvent extraction process leaves very toxic residue within the final product’s content.

Solvent Extraction

Though it may be cheap, it is sure to be harmful to one’s health in the long run.

Each extraction process comes with its own set of pros and cons. Although, one aspect no producer or consumer should skimp out on is health. CBD oil is expensive for good reason. The best ones have been curated to perfection, keeping the needs of the customer in mind.


Learn More About CBD: FAQs

  • Why is the price of CBD so high?

Cannabidiol products are typically pricey, especially if they go through party lab testing. Party testing in itself is an immensely costly added expense for all producers. It is also one that is not mandatory. It proves the authenticity of a product in a market that remains unchecked.

  • Is it possible that the price of CBD will decrease?

The price of CBD oil is contingent upon several factors. This includes manufacturing and different extraction processes. Although, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, the cultivation of industrial hemp is once again legal in the USA. Over time, this rise in supply could lead to a drop in prices.

  • Is it worth spending money on CBD?

High-quality CBD products can be costly. Although, the hefty price-tag pays off in the long run. For example, CBD multivitamin gummies use cannabidiol as an active ingredient, making the product much more effective. Cheaper alternatives usually cut costs by only applying a thin layer of CBD.

  • How much does CBD cost per day?

The daily cost of CBD is dependent on two things. First, the type of cannabidiol products one purchases, be it a CBD tincture or a softgel. Second, the dosage one needs dictates how much of the product users need to take. For some, one CBD pill a day will suffice, others may need more.

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