Why Say No to CBD on Amazon?

Are you looking for CBD oil on Amazon? While Amazon can provide users with almost everything they are looking for, wanting to buy CBD on Amazon may not be the best choice.

Sometimes, it’s better to shell out the cash and buy CBD oil products from other retailers. Here’s why.

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CBD on Amazon

Users don’t have to worry about scouring endless aisles for their desired product because a quick search on Amazon will show them exactly what they need for a good deal.

With millions of people relying on Amazon to fulfill their needs, it’s no wonder that consumers think that they can also buy the best CBD products on Amazon.

Can You Buy CBD on Amazon

If you’re looking for CBD oil on Amazon, the first thing you need to know is that you can actually find it. However, there is a catch. CBD oil products sold on Amazon will not be labeled as such. This is because it is against Amazon’s policy to label them as CBD oil products.

Companies who sell CBD on Amazon rename their products to hemp oil or hemp oil extracts to circumvent this policy. Companies that do this are not technically wrong because CBD oil is hemp oil extract. These interchangeable terms just make it all the more confusing for unsuspecting consumers who don’t know any better.

Buying CBD oil on Amazon is possible, but it requires a lot of research and scrutiny on the ingredients list.


CBD Oil Reviews on Amazon

A lot of people are flocking to stores and online sites like Amazon to get their dose of CBD oil products. However, customers who’ve bought CBD oil on Amazon are not benefiting from their products as much as they are expecting.buy cbd on amazon

CBD oil benefits could range from better sleep and better moods, but they are either taking too long to reap these benefits or don’t reap them at all. Sometimes, investing in CBD products from an established CBD company is better than scoring a “deal” from buying CBD oil on Amazon.


CBD Oil Products

Safer than over-the-counter drug prescriptions, CBD is a non-addictive substance. CBD does not pose any threat to high-functioning organs such as the liver, making it a safer alternative for long time usage.

The best CBD products range from oil tinctures, gummies, and even dog treats for pets. While there are certainly many options, there is absolutely no problem with using more than one kind of hemp product to incorporate in your daily lifestyle.

CBD Oil Tincture

Skip CBD oil on Amazon for established CBD companies. Brands like BlosumCBD boast a myriad of high-quality hemp products. They come in unique flavors of cinnamon, lavender, and orange blossom with a full-spectrum hemp oil extract formulation.

best cbd oil tincture

True Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil Tincture contains the complete plant profile of cannabinoids, including flavonoids and terpenes, and less than 0.3 percent trace amount of THC.

Made with Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil) from the highest quality coconuts, Blosum’s hemp oil tincture is made in the USA, free from pesticides, herbicides, solvents, chemical fertilizers, and 100% GMO-free.

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CBD Gummies: Full-spectrum CBD Gummies vs. Broad-spectrum CBD Gummies

If you want a more fun way of ingesting hemp, CBD gummies are a sure way of getting your daily dose. Delicious and nutritious, Blosum’s gummies come in two forms: Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum Gummies.

For a full entourage effect with still a meager amount of less than 0.3 percent THC, Full-Spectrum Multivitamin Gummies 10 mg comes in assorted fruit flavors.

With trace amounts of other cannabinoids such as THC, CBG, and CBN, BlosumCBD’s Full-Spectrum Multivitamin Gummies are rich in vitamins and minerals with no added artificial flavors, sweeteners, or coloring.

Blosum CBD Vegan Gummies 25mg new 1

BlosumCBD’s Organic Vegan Gummies 25 mg, on the other hand, is completely THC-free. For those who are wary of having THC accumulate in small doses over daily intake, this gummy option is best suited for you.

Made from organic hemp extracts grown in the USA, these vegan gummies come in a delicious, sweet strawberry flavor that can be taken at any time of the day.

These gummies are discreet. They are easy to pack and carry, no need to wash down with water. Simply eat as you would a treat or snack. All you have to do is pop one in your mouth. You won’t find these types of CBD oils on Amazon.

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CBD Softgel Capsules

Packed conveniently in small capsules, you can take BlosumCBD broad-spectrum CBD oil softgels with your vitamins and minerals, which removes the additional time of having to dose your hemp oil products before ingesting it.

Better than CBD oil on Amazon, these infused softgels pack all the effects of high potency hemp extract in 25 mg capsules encased in a soft, gelatinous cover so it is easily digested by stomach acid.

Swallow it with a gulp of water or your beverage of choice to start experiencing CBD.

CBD Salve

Cannabidiol topicals like cream and salves are external products. Blosum’s CBD-infused Warming Botanical Salve contains 500 mg of pure hemp.

CBD salve 500mg

The topical salve is infused with Turmeric and Ginger scent essential oils, both of which contain their own health benefits.

THC-free and all-natural in its formulation, this salve may encourage optimal healing and better vascularity.

CBD Dog Chews

Hemp oil products are just as effective for dogs as it is to humans. BlosumCBD Dog Treat Soft Chews contain 3 mg of hemp oil in a beef-flavored soft chew that is both yummy and nutritional for your furry friends. These dog treats won’t be hard to administer.

best cbd dog treats

These rich CBD-infused dog treats are perfect for pet owners looking to possibly improve pet health and wellness. Get only the best hemp pet products for your dog.


Can You Sell CBD on Amazon?

The true danger that lies in buying CBD oil on Amazon is that anyone can also sell CBD products on the same platform. With the lack of cross-testing and FDA regulations, anyone can simply pour oil in a bottle and market it as hemp oil for unsuspecting customers.

Moreover, many sellers cut corners and sell low quality CBD oil on Amazon. Since hemp extract comes directly from various parts of the cannabis plant, it can also absorb harmful products in the soil such as heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. The presence of these ingredients in the end-product may end up doing more harm than good in your body.

Trusted cannabidiol brands will conduct third-party lab tests on all of their hemp to ensure the quality, potency, and purity of their end-products. Not only does it guarantee its purity, but it also shows the exact concentration of each ingredient in the product. This means that labels are accurate and users are getting the quality they are looking for.

CBD Oil on Amazon

Amazon brings customers from the United States with so many benefits. Nevertheless, they come short when it comes to CBD on Amazon. With so many technicalities that sellers go through in order to sell CBD oil on Amazon, it may just be better to opt for other online retailers.

Trusted retailers provide a hassle-free shopping experience for the best hemp oil products. Each product page comes with a clear label, formulation, and ingredients, and even the results of their third party lab tests. These brands aim to improve lives with a safe and natural product such as cannabidiol.

With quality hemp products and free shipping, who can say no?




  • Can you buy CBD on amazon?

    • Yes, on Amazon it is allowed to sell and buy CBD products. CBD products are in List I. Allowed to buy in states where it is not prohibited by law.
  • How to buy CBD on amazon?

    • CBD products are freely available on Amazon. You can find them by searching for products on Amazon and pay in an affordable way for you. Make sure that in your state is allowed to use and store CBD products.
  • Can you sell CBD on amazon?

    • Due to the rules of Amazon, you will not be able to sell CBD oil by this name. You can sell it as hemp oil or hemp extract. Amazon rules are strict for such things and you won’t find CBD oil on Amazon, only hemp oil.
  • Can I purchase CBD oil on amazon?

    • Legally, you can order CBD products on Amazon, but to find them you should not look for CBD oil, but hemp oil. It contains cannabinoids, but Amazon allows you to sell CBD under a different name.
  • Does amazon sell CBD?

    • Amazon provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to sell CBD products on their website. Amazon itself does not have its own CBD brand, and on Amazon, you can only find hemp oil instead of CBD oil. But the composition of hemp oil will be the same as that of CBD oil.
  • How to sell CBD on amazon?

    • You can only sell CBD products for states in which CBD is permitted. You can only sell CBD products as “hemp oil”.

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