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CBD’s popularity across the United States is continuously growing. However, it has also created several questions in the minds of wellness users as well as millions of people looking to get their hands on CBD Connecticut products. 

Among the major concerns of potential consumers is the legality of cannabidiol and hemp. This shouldn’t be surprising, especially with the stigma surrounding marijuana and cannabis plants. Nonetheless, cannabis is revered for many reasons, many of which may not be psychotic.

If you’re new to CBD products, you’re probably not aware that cannabidiol can be derived from either marijuana or hemp. So, this is the most significant confusion among consumers, and this article is going to unravel the complicated nature of state laws in Connecticut.

Connecticut is one of the states that boast of liberal-attitude towards cannabidiol and cannabis-infused products. But, is CBD in Connecticut legal? This question worries many Connecticut residents. To learn more about CBD Connecticut and the best CBD oil CT, read on!

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CBD Oil in Connecticut

CBD oil in CT has become quite popular, but there’s a lot of misinformation partly due to the state’s history of marijuana and legalization. For the past two centuries, the United States grew industrial hemp to manufacture clothes, ropes, and sails. After World War II, anti-drug campaigns banned the production of hemp.

In 2012, Connecticut legalized medical marijuana for patients diagnosed with specific medical conditions listed in the law. 

Moreover, in 2014, CT also legalized the growth and use of industrial hemp. Though the measure removed industrial hemp from the state’s list of controlled substances, cannabis remained illegal under the federal level.

That said, the state of Connecticut has a medical marijuana program in place that has legalized the possession of half an ounce of marijuana for qualified patients.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Connecticut?

Following the passage of Senate Bill 893, which legalized the production and consumption of hemp-derived cannabidiol, CBD oil CT is legal in Connecticut.

However, the source of CBD oil will determine whether or not you can purchase it legally without a prescription. Access to CBD oil from marijuana or hemp slightly differs when it comes to state laws.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Connecticut

The passage of the 2014 Farm Bill legalized all hemp products across the 50 states under the federal level, including hemp CBD oil. As of now, Connecticut hasn’t placed any restrictions on hemp products, meaning you can buy hemp products freely.

On the other hand, the possession, distribution, and use of recreational marijuana in Connecticut is a felony charged with a civil penalty. However, the in-state medical marijuana program allows patients with qualifying medical conditions to access medical marijuana.

To qualify for a medical marijuana program in CT, you must meet the following requirements:

  • A Connecticut resident with a valid proof of identification
  • Must not be a prisoner
  • Must not be under the supervision of the department of corrections

If you meet the above conditions, then you can access medical marijuana in any of the state-licensed dispensaries.


Connecticut CBD Laws

The current CBD Connecticut laws allow the legal sale and purchase of cannabidiol and hemp via two channels.

In 2015, HB 5780 legalized the use of industrial hemp by removing the core parts of the plant for production, including fiber, hemp stalks, and seeds. But the state legislators went a step further to pass SB 603, which regulated the production and consumption of hemp.

According to Senate Bill 893, hemp cultivation and hemp-derived CBD products became legal in May 2019. Also known as an Act Concerning a Pilot Program for Hemp production, the bill legalized the sale of hemp products in CT, including vaporizable forms of hemp, edibles, drinkables, smokables, and topicals.

In this case, hemp products are classified as products created by processed hemp that contains a THC concentration of no more than 0.3%.

Moreover, hemp-derived CBD products are meant for use as dietary supplements and should not be used to make any health claims.


Where to Buy CBD Oil in Connecticut

Have you been searching for where to buy CBD oil in Connecticut? Well, the state has several physical retail stores in cities such as Milford, Newtown, Hartford, and the Bristol area.

You can find high-quality CBD in CT from brick and mortar establishments, such as wellness stores, and CBD-specific retailers.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Connecticut

Cannabis-derived CBD products can be found in state-licensed dispensaries. Keep in mind, only those who have registered for a medical marijuana program in Connecticut are allowed to buy CBD products derived from marijuana.

If you’re not confident visiting a physical store, shopping for CBD oil online is a good option. The best thing about an online purchase is, you get your product delivered to your doorstep. 

Shopping online also allows customers to access third-party lab tests to verify that the products are safe for consumption.

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