CBD Nebraska

CBD Nebraska

The recent boom in the green market has attracted many new customers across the country. However, the sale and purchasing of some of the best CBD vary from state to state. When you buy CBD in Nebraska, it’s a completely different ball game than buying CBD in California.

This article offers a brief guide into Nebraska’s CBD oil to help customers make the smart choice.

CBD Oil Nebraska

Within the state, there are only a few Nebraska CBD shops. These shops may offer a more personal touch as customers can speak to employees about different hemp-derived CBD products and generally receive good advice.

However, many of these shops are limited by the laws surrounding these wellness products’ strict and confusing CBD in Nebraska. This, combined with a desire to avoid driving out to a physical CBD store or CBD market, has led many local consumers to purchase online.

Online shops or a popular CBD brand ship their hemp to every state in the country. With just a few clicks, one’s cannabidiol order arrives at their doorstep with no fuss.

The hemp laws in Nebraska are heavily constrained by the state’s culture and perception of hemp. The state’s conservative views have extended to its legal treatment of cannabis consumption and sale within its jurisdiction.

After the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp was removed from the Controlled Substance List, which made the consumption and cultivation of hemp products legal in the entire country.

Is CBD Legal in Nebraska?

The Farm Bill allowed companies to fund farmers from planting industrial hemp. Previously, these companies had to import the raw hemp material used for their CBD oil products, and this was an expensive process that also increased the chances of contamination.

The Bill allowed companies to source their raw hemp material locally and within the states. But how exactly the Farm Bill stands in Nebraska is complicated for several reasons.

Nebraska CBD Laws

Nebraska CBD Laws

Currently, all forms of marijuana are still illegal within the state, including recreational and medical marijuana and even marijuana-derived products.

This means that even though CBD in Nebraska does not give the same psychoactive effects as THC, the compound responsible for marijuana’s “high,” its use is still banned within the state. Hemp-derived CBD and THC are both derived from the same plant: the cannabis Sativa plant.

It’s a good thing to know the different formulations that some CBD products can have. For instance, there is full-spectrum CBD oil which only has less than 0.3 THC content. CBD retailers or popular CBD brands will have a certain formulation on the label of the CBD product, so keep watch next time you purchase full-spectrum CBD products or broad-spectrum products.

The Nebraska Hemp Farming Act

Despite the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, the cultivation of industrial hemp within the state is still illegal. This confusing legal predicament is large because of the conflict between state and federal laws.

Under federal law, CBD is classified as legal for possession and consumption. But, by contrast, the Nebraska State Legislature still classifies CBD products as marijuana and is treated like a Schedule I substance. This also is talked about in the Nebraska hemp farming act.

In theory, federal law should supersede state laws as the former applies to the entire country, while the latter has a more localized authority. But the issue all comes down to enforcement. In Nebraska, which law the local authorities follow is what will be enforced on its citizens.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Nebraska

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Nebraska

The limited number of brick-and-mortar shops in Nebraska that sell CBD products is largely due to the raids conducted by law enforcement that do sell these cannabis-derived products. These stores, including vape shops, often exist in the confusing grey area of Nebraska’s hemp laws.

In Nebraska’s state capitol, Lincoln boasts the most physical hemp shops within the state. Consumers can find the most diverse variety of CBD products within the city, like edibles and vapes, and CBD edibles in Lincoln, Nebraska, can be easily found.

Since CBD oil is legal in the state, one can assume that CBD is also legal in Omaha, NE. Omaha is one of the biggest cities in the state, and locals can also expect to purchase cannabis-derived products there. Some of the best CBD oil in Omaha, Nebraska, can be found in shops near Aksarben-Elmwood Park.

Nebraska CBD oil legal users living within the state’s best bet is online shopping. This method of sale has the advantage of the products being directly delivered to one’s doorstep, skipping past all the complications.

Purchasing hemp-derived products online do not have to mean that users compromise on the quality of their products. There are brands online that go to great measures to keep their hemp oils and other CBD products at the highest quality.

BlosumCBD is one brand that meticulously ensures that every step of its manufacturing process produces great quality products. The hemp used in their products is sourced locally, and the brand ensures that the soil is checked before and after every harvest for pesticides or heavy metals.

All of Blosum’s CBD oil products are also third-party lab tested. These lab tests are an expensive, extra step that helps brands and consumers know the exact chemical breakdown of the product.

The hemp community, unfortunately, suffers from repeated problems of cross-contamination and mislabeling. Many brands include more than the legal amount of 0.3% THC in their products and do not specify this in their labels.

To set itself apart from this crowd, BlosumCBD allows consumers to view the results of their products’ third-party lab tests on their website. Customers can look through these results and make smart and careful choices before they buy CBD products.


Where to Purchase CBD for Pets in Nebraska

BlosumCBD also provides a high-quality CBD pet line.

Most veterinarians advise pet owners only to use broad-spectrum products for their pets. Broad-spectrum products contain all the hemp compounds of the cannabis plant except for THC concentration. In this type of product, the entourage effect is activated, and the CBD within the product can work to the best of its ability.

Where to Purchase CBD for Pets in Nebraska

It is also important to only use high-quality CBD products that have been specifically made for the consumption of pets. This is to avoid any kind of negative side effects.

It’s important to know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to approve any over-the-counter (OTC) products. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical disease.

Consult a licensed physician before starting a hemp-based regimen.

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