While many states have embraced cannabidiol use, CBD in North Carolina is still a murky issue. The 2018 Farm Bill has prompted many US states to legalize industrial hemp products and allow medical marijuana for certain conditions. 

However, North Carolina CBD laws often conflict with each other, making its legality difficult to discern. Is it possible for users to purchase the best CBD oil in the state? Read more to find out.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Cannabis plants are the source of cannabidiol (CBD), a substance that has potential health effects. It’s usually extracted from two varieties: hemp and marijuana. While they both produce the same chemical, most states are stricter on marijuana use. In fact, most states have legislated for further hemp research but have imposed tighter marijuana restrictions.

CBD oil products from hemp plants are allowed in several US states. These are abundant in cannabidiol, a substance that shows promising health benefits. Moreover, CBD products from hemp don’t make people “high,” so they may safely be sold publicly. Nevertheless, NC CBD laws are unclear on their legality in the state.

On the other hand, marijuana is still highly restricted in states across the country. Unlike industrial hemp, marijuana has higher psychoactive chemical content. This makes it generally unsafe to provide for public consumption. 

However, medical marijuana has been legalized at the federal level, so some states allowed its use for those with specific ailments. 

Can Cannabidiol Get You High?

By itself, CBD does not cause mind-altering effects on people. This is why many states have allowed their residents to use cannabidiol derivative products. The chemical has promising restorative effects, prompting creating a wide range of CBD in North Carolina options. As mentioned earlier, this also caused the legal use and sale of cannabidiol goods under several state laws.

Cannabidiol is usually misconstrued to have mind-altering properties since it can be extracted from marijuana. However, this plant’s psychoactive properties are produced by its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. While hemp also contains this substance, marijuana has far higher THC levels. This caused most CBD oil for sale in NC and other states to only be hemp-derived.

Some CBD products in the USA are allowed to contain 0.3% THC, though. At such minuscule amounts, tetrahydrocannabinol is unable to cause mind-altering effects on people. 

More importantly, the interaction of various cannabinoids, CBD, and THC produce an entourage effect. This interaction boosts the overall potency of CBD products, so THC is still included in some of them.

Legality of CBD

North Carolina CBD oil legality can be quite tricky to determine, especially for hemp products. State laws can contradict each other, confusing people who may want to buy NC CBD oil. 

When it comes to marijuana use, though, they strictly forbid it for recreational use. Those with specific forms of epilepsy, however, may be permitted to use medical marijuana.

NC Hemp Laws

There have been many laws passed regarding the use of hemp in the Old North State. In 2014, Governor Pat McCrory signed the North Carolina Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act. It stipulated permission to allow people with certain epileptic conditions to use hemp extract from marijuana. However, it is only permitted to contain less than 0.3% THC and 10% CBD. 

Furthermore, a law regarding industrial hemp cultivation in North Carolina has been passed. In 2015, Senate Bill 313 or the North Carolina Hemp Law was signed. This aimed to further hemp research and established the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission.

NC Hemp Laws

Moreover, it coordinated the hemp research of North Carolina A&T State University and North Carolina State University.

Despite these legislations, North Carolina hemp laws are still vague. Even though there are dispensaries and vape shops that sell CBD products, their legality remains difficult to determine. This confusion has given rise to a black market for CBD. When it comes to hemp products like CBD edibles, NC state laws make it difficult to find high quality.

NC Marijuana Laws

As for marijuana products, procuring and consuming them in the Old North State is forbidden. In fact, mere possession of marijuana is penalized by North Carolina CBD laws. Being caught with more than an ounce may get people incarcerated. Meanwhile, having less than 0.5 oz may only be cited as a misdemeanor.

Those with specific epilepsies may use hemp extract to help them with their conditions. They must ask a neurologist from a licensed North Carolina hospital for a supply. 

The medical professional will approve a caregiver to dispense the extract. It will come from a medical marijuana state that allows access to out-of-state patients.

NC Marijuana Laws

Nevertheless, you must make sure of the CBD laws in your part of North Carolina. Ask your doctor for a medical recommendation regarding its use. After all, CBD products work differently for every person, and a medical professional can help.

No over-the-counter hemp derivative product has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Consumers are to take them as supplements, not medication. They are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult a medical physician before trying any hemp-derived regimen.

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