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The topic of CBD Ohio is met with many misconceptions. It seems that the state has long had a shaky history with this infamous all-natural product. Many are still left asking, “Is CBD legal in Ohio?” or  “Is CBD oil for sale in Ohio?” 

While there have been many groundbreaking achievements made in the legalization of hemp products over recent years, recreational marijuana remains illegal within the state. 

Medical marijuana, on the other hand, has been available with limited accessibility within the state. We’ve combed through the confusing facts for you to give you an accurate rundown on everything related to the best CBD oil in Ohio.

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What are the Effects of CBD?

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is an all-natural chemical that is extracted directly from the cannabis plant. 

In recent years, CBD Ohio products have come all the rage in the world of health and wellness. Needless to say, where the use of medical marijuana has been legalized, the market of all things cannabidiol related is thriving. 

What are the Effects of CBD

All CBD products, oil tinctures in particular, are well sought after because of its supposedly calming and relaxing side effects. 

Credible research has also shown that cannabidiol may potentially help aid the horrible side effects of a myriad of ailments, both minor and major. Some of these ailments include depression, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, and many more. 

As researchers conduct more studies on cannabidiol, it’s only a matter of time before science can prove its healing capabilities. Health and wellness products, including CBD oil in Ohio, may be able to improve one’s quality of life. 


On a federal level, there is no one law that specifically allows or prohibits the use of recreational or medical marijuana. 

Is CBD Legal in Ohio

After all, in the 1970s, even industrial hemp cultivation was prohibited in every state. This was only modified recently by the 2018 Farm Bill that once again allowed the cultivation and production of industrial hemp locally.

All across the United States, both federal laws and state laws come into play to determine the legality of any type of marijuana, medical or otherwise. 

This is why many people still ask, “is CBD illegal in Ohio?” As of 2020, medical marijuana has been made legal in Ohio. However, its use is strictly limited to those who have medical conditions and a valid voluntary medical marijuana card. 

Mike Dewine signed Senate Bill 57 into law in July of 2019, but what exactly does this mean for the future of CBD Ohio? For starters, most hemp-derived CBD products have been made legal. Recreational marijuana, however, has not yet been legalized within the state. 

Even though the use of medical marijuana in Ohio has been decriminalized, it remains accessible only to a handful of people. This is because the state requires certain documents from its residents.

One has to have a valid medical marijuana card along with a doctor’s prescription detailing that the patient has qualifying conditions for the use of medical marijuana. Finally, one has to prove that their permanent residence is within the state. All this has to be done before even being able to purchase any cannabis product. 

Although it’s not impossible to find CBD oil for sale in Ohio, it’s not readily available to everyone. That being said, CBD oil in Ohio is still not easily accessible to all.

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Where to Buy CBD Oil

While there are a handful of Ohio CBD stores, more and more Ohio residents these days prefer to buy their Ohio CBD products online. 

CBD oil for sale in Ohio is hard to come by without the necessary documents, even though the use of hemp has been legalized in the state.  

Where to Buy CBD Oil

Therefore, buying CBD Ohio products online has become a good option for many. But, buying online comes with its own set of downfalls. Since the entire CBD industry still remains unchecked, it’s important that one purchases only from trusted producers that use locally sourced and high-quality ingredients to make their products. 

Another fantastic indicator of a good producer is those that have their products third-party lab-tested. This process is completely voluntary and immensely costly, producers do this to prove the authenticity of their product. 

Sadly, many producers or resellers are out there simply to make a buck. There’s no way of identifying whether or not your product is authentic without third-lab party-testing. This is not a process many producers tend to skip out on, but not Blosum. 

Blosum keeps its customers in mind, always. They guarantee that their products have been made out of the finest ingredients that have been sourced locally. Be it their hemp gummies or their tinctures, you’re sure to get your money’s worth when you buy CBD oil from Blosum. 


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