Over recent years, South Carolina CBD laws have been changing drastically. At the federal level, the status of CBD South Carolina is an exciting topic. This is because South Carolina is perceived as a pretty conservative state. 

Is CBD oil legal in South Carolina? What’s the status of cannabidiol in SC? TRead this article to learn more about the high-quality cannabidiol oil in South Carolina in 2021! We break down the legality of hemp in SC and where you can get the best deals for infused products in-stores and online.

CBD South Carolina

CBD South Carolina

Hemp cultivation, which is used to make cannabidiol oil in South Carolina, began in 1733. After then the British Colony enacted its support for farmers to grow hemp. During this time, processed hemp could produce fiber for manufacturing ropes and cloths.

200 years later, the USA federal government deemed hemp cultivation illegal after prominent politicians who supported the lumber industry sought to crush the competition. Both hemp and lumber were used to manufacture paper and building materials, among other products.

After eight decades, South Carolina legislators lifted the ban ending hemp illegalization. As a result, the 2014 Farm Bill allowed hemp pilot programs.

By 2018, the state recorded 50 licensed hemp growers, each having 50 acres. However, even with this legality, the specific laws surrounding CBD oil in South Carolina weren’t clear.

Fortunately, Senate Bill 1035 (Julian’s Law) allowed the use of CBD oil to epileptic children under stringent rules. The law reclassified cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC as industrial hemp. At this time, wellness shops began to sell CBD oil.

After the passage of South Carolina’s Hemp Farming Act in March 2019, the state recorded a 565% increase in hemp farmers. Today, South Carolina has over 100 licensed hemp growers. With that said, is CBD legal in South Carolina?

Is CBD Legal in South Carolina

Cannabidiol is legal in SC. Besides cannabidiol oil, other hemp infusions that are legal include other forms ranging from the classic tincture to more creative products like topicals, capsules, and gummies.

However, smokable hemp flowers remain illegal. It is advisable not to smoke it in public because the weed smell can attract an arrest.

Is CBD Legal in South Carolina

Additionally, marijuana-derived products aren’t permissible, whether for recreational or medical purposes, due to high THC content. With this, when caught selling, buying, or in possession of marijuana, you’re likely to face serious legal consequences.

Before 2014, when industrial hemp wasn’t legalized in South Carolina, CBD oil was illegal. In 2017, the law authorized the use of industrial hemp and products derived from hemp. As a result, hemp-derived CBD became legal. South Carolina witnessed an explosion of hemp stores.

CBD products must meet the following regulations to remain legal:

  • THC levels in hemp derivatives must not exceed 0.3 percent.
  • Hemp products should not be misbranded or adulterated.
  • Cannabidiol infusions are not medications and should not be used to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

Even though South Carolina has authorized hemp cultivation, it takes a conservative approach towards the sale and marketing of hemp-derived CBD products.

South Carolina cannabidiol Law

The current CBD South Carolina laws are derived from two legislation: the 2014 Senate Bill 1035 (Julian’s Law) and the 2016 industrial hemp pilot program.

According to Julian’s Law of 2014, possession and use of CBD were exempted from the criminal definition of marijuana. Aside, medical cannabidol oil was made legal to persons with seizure disorders at a physician’s recommendation.

Additionally, the law states that CBD oil must have at least 15% cannabidiol and less than 0.9%THC. Again, the law allowed physicians to apply to participate in statewide cannabidiol oil medical study. 

However, the study must have at least 98% cannabidiol and from USDA-approved sources.

On the contrary, the industrial hemp pilot program legalized the purchase of industrial hemp-derived CBD that has a negligible THC amount.

Is CBD Hemp Flower Legal in South Carolina?

As per South Carolina state law, industrial hemp signifies that hemp plants, their parts, seeds, flowers, extracts, and all derivatives with less than 0.3%THC are federally legal. With that, is CBD hemp flower legal in South Carolina? Yes.

However, in July 2019, the state Attorney General Alan Wilson illegalized possession of raw hemp flowers without a license. 

South Carolina CBD Law

The ban was due to the physical impossibility of differentiating hemp flowers from that of marijuana. The ban, however, didn’t specify whether hemp smokables are considered raw hemp.

Even though the FDA has not licensed hemp products, South Carolina vendors can sell cannabidiol and hemp products, such as edibles and flowers. Hemp flower buds are trimmed, dried, and packaged for sale.

Legal Age to Buy cannabidiol in South Carolina

In South Carolina, the age requirement admits that cannabidiol sales are to persons above 18. However, in light of the state’s medical cannabis law, minors can access prescribed medical cannabidiol from a certified physician. 

However, they can only do so with written consent from the parents or guardians. This means cannabidiol is reserved for patients above 18 years old.

Furthermore, under the industrial hemp pilot program, the cannabidiol age requirement in South Carolina is not straightforward. In some jurisdictions, CBD users must be over 18 years of age. With that, most stores and smoke shops have bumped the age limit allowing buyers to be above 21.

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In Conclusion

Cannabidiol is an exciting topic in South Carolina because of the state’s conservative reputation. If you are into learning more about how cannabidiol may impact your life, we would be happy to answer any questions you have and help educate you on this topic.

We pride ourselves on being a reliable resource for information related to all things cannabis, including what it means for those living with chronic pain or anxiety disorders like PTSD who might benefit from using cannabidiol products as part of their treatment plan.

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