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Cannabidiol, which is popularly known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis sativa plant. The use of the best CBD oil has skyrocketed in recent years but there are still many questions about using CBD in Texas.

There is growing evidence on the benefits of CBD as an effective treatment for a variety of conditions. Some examples may include anxiety, depression, inflammation, chronic pain, arthritis, and many more. 

However, many people are still unsure about the legalities of using CBD in Texas. Is CBD oil legal here? Is it legal for patients to purchase CBD gummies and other hemp products? Is CBD flower Texas legal?

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Cannabis contains hundreds of cannabinoids including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which gives users a distinct “high.” Similarly, CBD is also a cannabinoid. However, it functions quite differently from THC. 

For one, CBD in Texas does not produce a psychoactive high that people associate with recreational use. 


In fact, CBD-dominant medical marijuana is almost completely THC free. Moreover, it contains a minimal amount of the compound. As a result, you will not get high when taking CBD wellness products.

On the other hand, medical marijuana that contains THC causes the user to experience a high. Like CBD, there is also a range of medical symptoms and conditions that THC could alleviate. Examples of conditions that may benefit from THC are glaucoma, low appetite, and insomnia.


CBD in Texas was considered illegal for a very long time. But on June 10, 2019, Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1325 that legalized industrial hemp farming.

This bill also legalized the sale of hemp-derived CBD products with no more than 0.3% THC content. This low level of THC makes it within the legal limits on the federal level. However, it does not permit the possession of CBD flowers, home cultivation, and personal hemp production. Law enforcement still views these derivative products as illegal.

Is CBD Legal?

According to Texas laws, for legalized hemp, the CURT system is used by physicians to register and prescribe low-THC cannabis. This system does not require a registry identification card and there is no fee to participate in the program.  

Once certified and included in the registry, qualified patients can purchase CBD products from any of the three state dispensaries. To qualify for CBD products, you must first be a Texas resident. 

The other requirement is a prescription from a qualified physician. It is trickier to get a prescription for Texas CBD oil because only 20 doctors are qualified for this. Getting approval is a difficult task.

As for brands that want to sell legal CBD, federal law will require accurate labeling and even third-party scientific lab tests. Brands that want to sell legal CBD must present test results proving the strength and purity of their products. 

Be guided accordingly that police use field tests which don’t differentiate marijuana from CBD oil. This means that some patients are still at risk of being detained while their products undergo further tests.

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How to Take CBD

Some quality products, like CBD gummies Texas that patients use, actually show you how much cannabidiol is in a single serving. For example, the packaging of CBD pills could indicate that it contains 5 mg of hemp per capsule. 

You can find premium CBD in Texas mostly in dropper bottles. Most packaging of premium cannabidiol actually shows how much is contained in each drop. However, other products simply specify the total concentration contained in the bottle. 

How to Take CBD

There are countless ways to take CBD products. Depending on your personal preference you can ingest them or apply them topically. Hemp that you ingest can come in the form of tincture oils, capsules, and even gummies. The time it takes for the product to take effect will depend on the administration and the concentration of each product.

On the other hand, there are topical CBD products. Unlike the edible form, cannabidiol will not enter the bloodstream, as these topicals are only applied externally. It provides a more localized effect of hemp, allowing it to act on an isolated area such as a sore joint or muscle.

To date, no over-the-counter cannabidiol product has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Consumers are meant to take them as wellness supplements, not medication. Before trying any hemp-infused wellness product, consult with a physician. 

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