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If you’re looking to buy CBD Virginia, we’re here to help. Virginia laws on CBD can be a bit complicated so you have to do your research well. It is important to understand what kind of CBD products are allowed before making any purchase. 

Another bill, Senate Bill 918, will help boost the CBD Virginia industry. The regulation of facilities, conditions, and requirements for the production and consumption of all things hemp are discussed under this new bill. 

The Virginia Department of Agriculture will spearhead this and regulate hemp production and manufacturing in the state. Read more to find where to buy the best CBD Tincture in Virginia.

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Overview of Cannabidiol

So what is CBD anyway? And why is it such a controversial substance? Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is an active cannabinoid. It is among one of the hundreds present in cannabis plants, mostly in hemp.  

It is steadily gaining popularity because of its supposed therapeutic and medical benefits. Unlike the other famous cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that consuming any amount will not result in a “high.” Instead, many users swear by this cannabinoid’s benefits for calming down anxiety and soothing chronic pains.

Overview of Cannabidiol

CBD oil is legal on the federal level. This is because it is most abundant, and thus harvested from, hemp rather than marijuana plants. Hemp products are only allowed 0.3 percent THC content and no more than that. Since CBD is hemp-derived, its by-products also contain very low traces of THC. 

There are many popular CBD Virginia products now including oil tinctures, topicals, gummies, pills, and even dog treats. More conclusive research and clinical trials are needed to prove their therapeutic benefits. There are currently no over-the-counter CBD Virginia products approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

CBD and the ECS

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, hemp is also a popular natural pain reliever. Common NSAIDs are now being replaced by CBD Virginia products to help ease mild to moderate pains.

CBD and the ECS

Cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help achieve overall balance. 

They do this by stimulating CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the nervous and immune systems. By working with the receptors, CBD is able to help the body naturally produce hormones like serotonin. This is a good thing, as serotonin is known as the “happy hormone” that boosts mood and energy.

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Is Hemp the Same as Marijuana?

Hemp and marijuana are both varieties of cannabis. The difference between the two is often a politicized topic. Hemp is a term used to classify varieties of cannabis that contain no more than 0.3% THC content in dry, raw weight. Hemp has generally been used to describe non-psychoactive cannabis. Its derived products are viewed as the same, including the cannabinoid CBD.

On the other hand, marijuana is a cannabis variety that contains more than 0.3% THC. This is especially true if it is used for recreational purposes. The popular “cannabis high” is commonly associated with using marijuana or any of its derived products. 

Due to the difference between their levels of THC, hemp and marijuana are regulated differently under the law. For example, most medical cannabis products, whether hemp or marijuana-derived, must have less than 0.3% THC. That is unless a physician prescribes a higher dose for medical patients.

Industrial hemp was included as contraband under the Controlled Substance Act of 1970. However, it was removed on the list after the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018 or 2018 Farm Bill. Meanwhile, marijuana is still labeled as a controlled substance. It is federally illegal to possess, cultivate, and consume marijuana under the Controlled Substance Act. 

The difference between hemp and marijuana still comes to play when talking about CBD Virginia. The cannabinoid can be derived from either plant matter but most choose hemp-derived CBD because of its low-THC nature.

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Can CBD Get You High?

While CBD is becoming popular, many still worry about possible side effects. The most asked question is, can you get high from CBD oil? The short and concise answer to this is no. Virginia CBD laws are complicated because while they still completely ban cannabis, CBD Virginia products are technically not cannabis, but only cannabis-derived. 

The latter part of this article will elaborate in detail what is stated under Virginia laws on CBD. Generally, though, cannabidiol is non-psychoactive. This means that it can neither get you high nor addicted even after using it for a long time. Some incorporate CBD Virginia products in their daily dietary supplements.

Can CBD Get You High?

For safety’s sake, it is still best to consult with a physician. Pregnant and nursing persons and those with complicated medical histories should take extra precautions. Cannabinoids may interact with some medications and treatments. No CBD hemp product is intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.


CBD Oil Virginia Laws

Virginia CBD law is a far cry from those of Colorado and California, as a reference. The latter states have fully legalized medical and recreational cannabis. CBD oil laws in Virginia are complicated but they are getting more lenient as the years pass. 

Though they follow the federal law of the 2018 Farm Bill, the state’s own laws still have limitations. There have been many studies and clinical trials done on the effectivity of cannabis but more research is still demanded by legislators. States like Virginia are hesitant to make the plant fully legal within its borders.


Recent changes in the federal law, however, have paved the way for states to abolish their zero-tolerance policies on cannabis. Gov. Ralph Northam signed a bill that would define Virginia CBD oil as food. This brought about state regulations on cannabidiol products.

The state passed a law in 2017 that allowed patients suffering from a rare form of epilepsy to use CBD and THC-A. The HB 1251 of 2018 improved this law by allowing any medical condition to qualify for the use of the cannabinoid. THC-A (Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is a natural cannabinoid. A heat process called decarboxylation converts THC-A into THC.

Beginning July 1, 2020, the state will protect all medical marijuana patients from arrest and prosecution when purchasing their medicine. This is under the condition that the patients are registered with the state with a certification from licensed physicians.

According to Virginia laws on cannabidiol, THC-A and CBD oil products must be produced and sold in only by licensed manufacturers called “pharmaceutical processors.” These processors are designated to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute these products to patients.


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