BlosumCBD’s mission is to clarify the cannabis plant by highlighting its benefits and drawbacks and provide fair assessments of CBD producers and products.

Misinformation about CBD and its Industry

CBD is a new industry with new products and misinformation, but brands like BlosumCBD make it easy for people to get reliable information from experts. There are medical physicians, natural health specialists, elite cannabis producers, authors, and more to help educate the world about CBD. Combining decade’s worth of experience on different facets in the cannabis industry together we are able to produce this comprehensive online resource that will change how you think about cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is an innovative product that has piqued many people’s interest. One of the most frustrating things about CBD, however, is misinformation from companies looking to sell more products and exaggerated claims by manufacturers who are not being honest with their customers. Hopefully, these false misconceptions are debunked in BlosumCBD’s unbiased reviews on product quality as well as highlighting its uses so you can educate yourself before making your next purchase!

Meet The Team Behind BlosumCBD

  • Lili Zecevic
    • AUTHOR

    Lili Zecevic


    • Writer & Marketing Consultant

    Before writing about CBD and other interesting topics, Lili graduated from West Virginia University with two Bachelor’s Degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Multidisciplinary Studies.

    She’s worked in a handful of different environments, including news outlets, the healthcare industry, commercial retail, and more.

    When Lili is not writing, she enjoys hiking, reading, and traveling the country. You can keep in touch with Lili at her https://www.linkedin.com/in/lilijana-zecevic-883984104/.

  • Kent Gruetzmacher
    • EDITOR

    Kent Gruetzmacher

    • Writer & Marketing Consultant
    • M.A. in the Humanities

    Kent pursued his M.A. in the Humanities at Sacramento State University, with his main objective being to further develop his writing and analytical skills. Kent has great experience writing CBD and other informative topics.

    Kent loves the outdoors, where his free time is spent hiking, backpacking, fishing, skiing, and trail running.

    You can keep in touch with Kent at his Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kent-gruetzmacher-5bb070115/

Vision Blosum

Vision Statement

Here at Blosum, our main priority is to improve the health and wellness of all generations moving forward. We want a world where everyone is healthy. Our genetics team has created the highest quality industrial hemp-derived cannabinoids with state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing techniques.

We understand that we need to be there for you. We want to be a trusted partner in your journey towards wellness.

We have a vision at Blosum. It’s a world where everyone has a better day. Stress, anxiety, and tension are quickly relieved, and health is improved. We know that hemp oil is not a “cure-all,” but it can improve your quality of life. We want to be a part of your journey.

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