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CBD Oil Tinctures

From sourcing to packaging, we act intentionally to ensure quality, sustainability, and to support American farmers and small businesses.



Our products are grown with care and hand-harvested by Colorado and Oregon farmers following organic farming practices.


CBD Oil Tincture Lavender 500mg
CBD Oil Tincture Lavender 500mg
CBD Oil Tincture Orange 500mg
CBD Oil Tincture Cinnamon 500mg

CBD Oil Tinctures
Choose Flavor

Lavender Flavor
Orange Blossom Flavor
Cinnamon Flavor

500mg – Natural


CBD Oil Tincture Lavender 1000mg
CBD Oil Tincture Lavender 1000mg
CBD Oil Tincture Orange 1000mg
CBD Oil Tincture Cinnamon 1000mg

CBD Oil Tinctures
Choose Flavor

Lavender Flavor
Orange Blossom Flavor
Cinnamon Flavor

1000mg – Natural


Full-spectrum Hemp: Made in U.S.A.

Our Tinctures are produced using full-spectrum hemp extract containing less than 0.3% THC.
Our whole-plant extract means our products contain additional cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally in the hemp plant for maximum benefit.



MCT oil—a fat-burning, metabolism-revving superfood is a saturated fatty acid made from coconut oil. It’s used as the carrier oil to stabilize and increase the CBD’s bioavailability.

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Pure & potent

Our goal is to produce the purest end product available. Our extraction process uses pressurized CO2 to pull CBD and other phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant using specially-crafted equipment. The cannabinoids produced are potent and free of chlorophyll and other chemicals

Less is More!

Our products are formulated with only the purest ingredients and without the use of chemicals, fillers, flavors, or unnecessary fluff. They contain only full-spectrum hemp and third party lab tested products including organic MCT oil and nothing else!

3rd Party Lab Tested

Our products contain full-spectrum, whole-plant hemp extract, creating an “entourage effect” for maximum benefit which magnifies the therapeutic benefits of the planet.

Full-spectrum potency

By design, a tincture dropper allows CBD to be taken quickly and in easy measurements. CBD Oil Tinctures can be placed directly under the tongue and held for one to two minutes. If you are new to CBD and are unsure of how much to take, it is recommended to start with a small amount and then increasing to the desired amount as needed.

Not Your Average CBD Product.

Our infused cbd gummies come in two forms, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum,

These are designed for different purposes and depending on your choice.

Our Products Provide 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Terpenes Analysis : A combination of terpenes and cannabinoids enhance the beneficial properties of our CBD products.
No high whatsoever: We test each batch of our products to ensure they contain less than 0.3% THC, ensuring they won’t get you high.
Toxin-free: We continuously test to ensure our products contain no toxins of any kind.

THC Free – 100% Natural


THC Free – 100% Natural
25 mg


Blosum Gummies


THC Free – 100% Natural
10 mg


CBD for pets

Blosum CBD Dog Chews

CBD Dog Treats


All Natural Beef Liver Flavor
Show your furry friends that you care by providing them with a natural and safe hemp supplement

Blosum Salve

Warming Botanical Salve

THC Free – 100% Natural
500 mg


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